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A place where you’re free to go your own way

Whether you’re chasing cultural highs or pursuing nature’s pleasures, treading lightly or veering off the beaten path, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for here. Sure, it may not be easy to find Slovenia on a map, but you’ll have a hard time finding a place so small offering so much. Everywhere and any time you go you’ll always run into something that reflects your unique taste and view of the world.

The only question that remains is: what’s going to be your way of feeling Slovenia?

Stories from Slovenia

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Slovenia at a glance


The Slovenian currency is the Euro.


In addition to Slovenian, most people in Slovenia speak English.

Arriving in Slovenia

It takes 2 hours to fly from London to Ljubljana.


In Slovenia, you can swim in the sea in the morning and climb mountains in the afternoon.

Boutique, authentic, unique

Turn into a bold explorer of the most unique stories and experiences. Try something you won't find anywhere else. With boutique, five-star experiences bearing the logo of Slovenia Unique Experiences, you will experience the country’s uniqueness in an unforgettable way with all your senses. Your own way.

My way of going green

In Slovenia, sustainable is the way to go. Living and working with nature has been a hallmark of our culture for generations and we strive to keep it that way. That’s why this is a place where you can still find ancient forests, crystal-clear waters, unspoiled ridges, and diverse wildlife. We marked the most sustainable destinations with the Slovenia Green label so that you can enjoy a truly green holiday.

Share your way with the world

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Stories from Slovenia

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