Medications and Vaccination

In Slovenia, there is no risk of contracting any dangerous disease, which is why there are no special vaccinations for entry into the country. When travelling to Slovenia, the vaccination against tetanus is recommended, but not necessary.

For minor problems, such as colds, headaches, fever or insect bites, it is possible to obtain medications in pharmacies without prescription as well. The majority of Slovenian towns have pharmacies, while there are also 24 hour pharmacies in the cities.


Health Insurance

The citizens of European Union Member States can travel to Slovenia with the European Health Insurance Card. This card can also be obtained by the citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The card gives you access to health services in the public health sector, i.e. at the doctors and pharmacies, under the same conditions as the Slovenian citizens. If you do have to pay for health services in Slovenia, you will be reimbursed after your return to your homeland. With the European Health Insurance Card, you get all the necessary medical care to allow you to continue your stay in Slovenia. However, the card does not cover health services from private providers. 

A special agreement also applies to the citizens of Croatia, who can obtain health services in Slovenia with their health cards.

For the citizens of all other countries, it is best that you take out international travel insurance even before travelling to Slovenia. They are also recommended for the citizens of the above-mentioned countries.

For more detailed information on using health services, please refer to the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.


Remember the phone number 112. This is the number of the Emergency Call Centre that can provide you with an ambulance and emergency medical assistance in case of emergency.

Take Care in Nature

When you are in the forest or by the water, you should watch out for ticks. We recommend that you provide yourself with appropriate repellents and, when you get back from the forest, check yourself thoroughly and remove any possible ticks early enough. In the summer, mosquitoes can also be a great nuisance near water surfaces.

Smoking Ban

In Slovenia, smoking is banned in all closed public and work premises, i.e. also in the catering and accommodation establishments. You must be at least 18 years old to buy tobacco products. This makes Slovenia one of the European countries with the most stringent restrictions on smoking.

Stories from Slovenia

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