Take time to unwind in the Logar Valley Landscape Park

The Logar Valley (Logarska dolina) is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. The harmonic balance between tradition, man and nature that found its home in this part of the Solčava Region is both exceptional and difficult to find. Make your stay in this peaceful landscape park an opportunity for hiking, cycling, horseback riding or a photo safari. The park has also won the international CIPRA Future in the Alps Award for successful management of the protected area.

In the Embrace of Green Nature

In the Logar Valley you can admire pristine green nature at every step. Take the Trail through the Logar Valley, a natural historic and ethnographic trail leading through the fascinating nooks and crannies amidst the unspoilt nature of the landscape park. You’ll have the opportunity to discover extraordinary, rare and even endangered flower species. The valley is known also for its many waterfalls, the most notable among which is the 90-metre Rinka Falls.

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On foot, by bike or skis

If it’s active holidays you’re after you can set off for the nearby peaks, go cycling, climb a mountain or go photo hunting for animals in their natural environment. Children enjoy roaming the fairy tale forest that hides many of their favourite fairy tale characters. Come winter the valley is especially inviting for cross-country skiing, sledding, downhill skiing and ski touring; and if you’re up to it, you’re sure to enjoy climbing the frozen waterfalls.

Cultural heritage

Wooden granaries or ‘kašče’ are an integral part of the cultural heritage – not only in the Logar Valley, but also in the Solčava region and the Upper Savinja Valley. They were an indispensable part of agricultural holdings, as they were used for storing foodstuffs, especially grains. Some of them are still used for their original purpose. Also see the Home of Spiritual Retreat, the Logarski Kot Herdsman’s Hut and the Chapel of Christ the King.

Solčava Region – the harmony of three valleys

The Logar Valley is one of three valleys in the Solčava Region – the other two to be discovered are Robanov Kot and Matkov Kot. Most of Solčava Region’s residents live on high-mountain farms, among which is the highest-lying farm in Slovenia (Bukovnik, 1,327 m). Climb uphill to the mountain huts and peaks or soar above the Logar Valley in a glider. Make this beautiful environment the setting for your new adventures.

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Local cuisine

Most people in the Solčava Region work in wood and wool processing, but they distinguish themselves with delicacies such as the Upper Savinja stomach sausage, sirnek (ripened cottage cheese), masovnik (flour cooked in cream), sirnica (a soup made of sirnek), lamb, venison, dried pear dough pockets called žlinkrofi, buckwheat žganci, sour milk, homemade cheeses, homemade bread and potica, butter, honey, jam, compote and more.

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