The vibrant vibe of the Alpine pearl Bled, the peaceful moments of authentic contact with nature in the Triglav National Park, a rush of refreshing experiences on the Soča River, magnificent views from the high Alpine mountaintops and an unforgettable view of the green Logar Valley. Experience the full beauty of the Alpine Slovenia.

Cosmopolitan in Bled

Let a pletna boat take you to Bled Island. Ring the church bell for good luck. Visit Bled Castle for the best views. Taste Bled cream cake.


Responsible in Bohinj

A place in the Triglav National Park is a place of responsible mobility Alpine Pearls. Come by public transport. Climb on the museum train on the scenic railway line. Visit the International Wild Flower Festival.


Natural in the Triglav National Park

Neat trails lead you to treasures of nature. Watch animals and take pictures of them on tours with guides. See multi-image presentations and exhibitions at information centres.


In touch with water in the Soča Valley

Experience rafting, canyoning and other water sports. Visit natural swimming pools, treat yourself to some fishing. See the Soča River from the air or from vantage points along hiking trails.


Vistas in the Logar Valley

Let the views of one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Europe astonish you on the Solčava panoramic road. Go to the Rinka Waterfall, visit homesteads with old crafts.


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