Important notice

In order to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and to manage the epidemic, Slovenia has suspended all public transportation as of Monday, 16 March 2020. This applies to all public bus and railway transport, gondolas and funicular railways. Only taxi transport is allowed under special conditions.

All travellers crossing the Slovenian border will be informed via text messages of the preventive measures in force in Slovenia regarding the coronavirus.

Please follow the up-to-date information and recommendations published for visitors to Slovenia on our dedicated webpage.


Take a coach to Slovenia

You can come to Slovenia by taking a coach from many European cities. There are even direct coach lines from places thousands of kilometres away, e.g. from Sweden or Denmark. Most international coaches make a stop in Ljubljana.  Foreign coach transport providers registered in the EU do not require special permits to travel across Slovenia. Check international coach connections with Ljubljana and find information on timetables.

The green FlixBus coaches connecting Slovenia with other European cities are also increasingly popular. You can also travel to and around Slovenia on Nomago buses.

Around Slovenia by bus

Bus connections in Slovenia are good. You can take public transport to most of Slovenia’s towns and cities and to its countryside. If buses drive on local roads, drivers can make a stop in every town, if you so wish. Bus tickets can be purchased at major bus stations or from the driver.

From Ljubljana, buses take you to almost every Slovenian town or city. In summer months, there are great bus connections between Ljubljana and the towns and cities on the Adriatic coast, and in winter you can take the Ski Bus from the capital to the nearby Krvavec Ski Resort.

You can also take a bus from the capital to access tourism icons. Go on a day-trip to Lake Bled, Postojna Cave, and Predjama Castle, the Velika Planina plateau, Piran, and much more. Enter your destination into the timetable search engine and check connections.

City buses


In Slovenia’s major towns and cities, you can cover distances on city buses. A bus line network covers most of Ljubljana, and buses also go to suburban municipalities, which allows you to travel all the way to the Ljubljana Marshes, to the foot of the popular day-trip destination Mt Šmarna Gora, or to the Ljubljana Zoo. Find your bus line and explore the capital city!

Ljubljana’s city card, Urbana

The Urbana city card is a smart card that allows non-cash payments for rides on Ljubljana’s city and suburban buses. It can be purchased at newsagents' or at the Tourist Information Centre in the centre of the city. When you purchase the card, top it up with a particular amount (e.g. a bus ride costs EUR 1.20) which you can then use to pay a for ride on the city bus, pay for parking in the city centre, or pay for a ride on the funicular to Ljubljana Castle.


There is also a city bus network in Maribor, where you can also go from the city centre to the foot of the Pohorje Hills, which is a popular day trip and recreational destination for locals and visitors. You can purchase city bus tickets on the bus or at the main bus station, at newsagents’ or at the Maribor Tourist Information Centre, and you can also check the bus line map and timetables online.

Other major towns and cities and their surroundings

You can also explore other major towns and cities and their surroundings by coach: the capital of the Gorenjska region – Kranj, the Town of Princes – Celje, the town on the green River Krka – Novo Mesto, and the wonderful coastal towns of Koper, Izola, Piran, and Portorož.

Hop on, hop off buses

You can also explore towns, cities, and other interesting places on tour buses. In summer months, you can get on one at Lake Bled and see Bled’s sights, and it can take you call the way to Bohinj. This method is also great for exploring Radovljica, Kobarid and its surrounding area and coastal towns.

Get to know the green country

Learn about the green Slovenia, from its wonderful countryside to vibrant city centres. Look into other ways of travelling around the first green destination in the world too.

Top Attractions

Must-see attractions in green Slovenia!

Top Attractions


Active holidays

Active adventures in nature.

Active holidays


Getting to and around Slovenia

You can get to Slovenia in different ways – by car or train, by air, bicycle or boat.

Getting to and around Slovenia


Cities and destinations

Small towns for big adventures.

Cities and destinations

Slovenia, the digital catalogue

Slovenia, the digital catalogue

Flip through the digital tourist catalogue of Slovenia and explore eight stories about Slovenia connected by a single theme concerning love for Slovenia. 

Stories from Slovenia

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