Water is the source of good life!

No matter which part of our green country you visit, you will always be able to find water sources. According to folk testimonies and legends, some water has special power. It has been proved that therapeutic thermal and mineral springs, which are mostly located in the spas and health resorts in Pannonian Slovenia, but can also be found at the coast and in Alpine Slovenia, have positive effects on health and well-being. Discover the most unique hot springs, famous for their incredible properties.


Did you know?

When the winged horse Pegasus landed on the ground, healing mineral water burst onto the surface. This water is called Donat Mg and it has the highest magnesium content in the world!

When your heart hears the burbling springs, it will feel the power of Radenska mineral water. Radenska has the ideal calcium and magnesium ratio – 2 : 1.


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Look after your own well-being and let yourself be reborn with some pampering in one of Slovenia's spas or health resorts.  Choose and book your holiday today!

From 420,75 € Ayurveda programmes

Ayurveda programmes

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 3

Our expert Ayurveda team will help you improve all aspects of health and stimulate physical, mental,

Thermana Laško Laško
From 279,00 € Beauty Detox Programme

Beauty Detox Programme

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

At the Terme Dobrna spa we have a detox programme for a thorough body cleanse. It includes a holist

TERME DOBRNA d.d. Dobrna
From 119,00 € The joy of movement

The joy of movement

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Do you like spending your free time being active, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? The p

Terme Snovik Laze v Tuhinju
From 632,00 € Manage stress, live calmly

Manage stress, live calmly

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 7

Incorrect reaction to stressful situations poses a risk to your health. You will learn how to recogn

Talaso Strunjan Strunjan
From 460,00 € Sweet-smelling Orhidelia

Sweet-smelling Orhidelia

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Awaken your senses in refreshing thermal water. Colour your life at the Terme Olimia Spa. Enjoy perf

Terme Olimia d.d. Podčetrtek
From 419,00 € XXL romance - time to cuddle

XXL romance - time to cuddle

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

XXL romance - time to cuddle

Rimske terme Rimske Toplice
From 116,00 € Roman holidays

Roman holidays

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Hedonistic experiences

Terme Resort d.o.o. Rimske Toplice
From 109,00 € Week and relax & casino

Week and relax & casino

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Pampering during the week, including an unforgettable culinary experience and relaxation at the Sky

Hit d.d. Šentilj v Slov.Goricah

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