Škocjan Caves

Enter into one of the hidden gems of our planet and see one of the world’s unique natural phenomena. Gaze into the deepest and largest underground canyon in the world. A maze of underground galleries and a view of halls with wonderful stalactites and stalagmites will reveal to you a whole new dimension of your planet.


Kostanjevica Cave

At the foot of the Gorjanci Hills, near Kostanjevica, a small karst beauty is hidden, fascinating and rich in stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes. Here, rain water, underground watercourses, and tectonic shifts have created wonderful calcareous sinter creations with fairy-tale shapes for thousands of years. You can see three hundred metres of the most attractive parts of the cave. 



Go underground by bike and kayak

Koroška, a unique region in northern Slovenia, really is a treasury of surprises. One of them is hidden underground, at Mount Peca in Mežica. Did you know that you can take a bike ride through the tunnels of the disused mine or even row through them in a kayak? Experience a unique adventure.



Vilenica Cave

Vilenica Cave is slightly mysterious, as its age has yet to be determined. Once you go into the cave, you will enter the first hall – the Dance Hall. Every year, this cave hosts the final event of the Vilenica International Literary Festival. The diverse shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites and their colours have inspired many artists, so enter the cave and allow your imagination to run free.

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