Find refreshment in Slovenian natural bathing areas

There’s nothing better than finding refreshment in a lake, a river, or in the sea, which simply draw you in whenever you happen to look at the crystal-clear water. Officially, you can find 48 bathing areas in Slovenia, where the quality of the bathing water is measured regularly. Among these, there are 30 bathing areas and 18 natural bathing sites. While safety and additional facilities are offered at natural bathing sites, in most natural bathing areas you are free to bathe at your own risk. Some natural bathing sites measure the quality of the bathing water themselves. In most cases, the quality of water is excellent. Give in to temptation and jump in!


Activities by the sea

The smell of the salt, wind in your hair and deep blue sea. Explore the endless possibilities of sports activities on and under the sea. Sail along the Slovenian coast and admire the diversity and coastal cities of Ankaran, Koper, Izola and Piran, Portorož. Adrenaline will rush through your veins while surfing or kiteboarding on the Adriatic Sea. Or while you dive into the mysterious underwater world.

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Do you feel adrenaline rush?

Discover Slovenia from a different perspective. Experience the unforgettable. Surrounded by the breath-taking green nature, the sounds of the crystal-clear river rapids will make your heart jump. Go rafting, canoeing or kayaking to explore the picturesque gorges and feel the thrill of the breath-taking nature!


Stand-up paddle-boarding

Stand-up paddle-boarding is great fun because it is both an easy and an efficient sport. Stand-up paddle-boarding in Slovenia is more than just a sport because you can also enjoy the delightful views of natural attractions. On Lake Bled, you can explore the small island; you can cross Bohinj, Cerknica, Zbilje or Trboje lakes or descend along the Ljubljanica, Sava, Soča and Drava rivers. Or enjoy stand-up paddle-boarding at sea.

Boating and rafting

Rafting on Slovenian rivers is a tradition that is centuries-old and when you try it you’ll understand why. Riding a raft with friends is a wonderful experience that is so refreshing and also offers a fabulous view of nature. You can take a ride on a raft on the Drava, Sava and Krka rivers.


Slovenian waters are a paradise for fishermen. Rivers, lakes and ponds of various shades of green are home to many species of freshwater fish, with more than 20 species of interest for recreational fishing. You can keep your catch although Slovenia promotes fishing by means of "catch and release."


Book your experience

Treat yourself to an unforgettable active adventure in Slovenia! Choose and book your holiday today!

From 58,00 € Bed&Bike package

Bed&Bike package

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Treat yourself to a cycling break at the highest-lying hotel in Slovenia, only a few metres from the

RTC Krvavec d.d. Cerklje na Gorenjskem
From 1.120,00 € Golf & Culinary Experience

Golf & Culinary Experience

Active holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 4


M&M Turist d.o.o. Ljubljana
From 169,00 € Hotel & Wine & Spa

Hotel & Wine & Spa

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Experience the sheer comfort of Hotel Mond and the embrace of the wine roads of Slovenia and Austria

Hotel & Casino Mond Šentilj v Slov.Goricah
From 63,00 € Thermana is spoiling you

Thermana is spoiling you

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Perfect pampering of all senses at the Laško Spa. No surcharge for a single room and an addition

Thermana Laško Laško
From 157,00 € By ebike to three countries

By ebike to three countries

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Experience the vibe of three countries on an ebike. Experienced guides will take you to the most hid

Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava Lendava
From 64,00 € Lipa Hotel

Lipa Hotel

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Package Active for cyclists and for eager adventurers on the Soča river

Lipa Hotel Šempeter pri Gorici
From 180,00 € Mokrice & castles in Posavje

Mokrice & castles in Posavje

Active holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Medieval Mokrice Castle has been transformed into a high-category boutique hotel with antique furnit

Terme Čatež Spa – Mokrice Castle Rajec
From 684,00 € House by the river and a day with the local wine producer

House by the river and a day with the local wine producer

Active holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 3

Stay at the house by the river and spend a day with the local wine producer. Visit a vineyard and pl

The Mill on river Krka Cerklje ob Krki

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