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Welcome to the Slovenian Tourist Board’s multimedia library. We have selected a collection of beautiful images to showcase how Slovenia is a leading green, active and healthy tourist destination.

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The Slovenian Tourist Board works with renowned photographers to capture images that illustrate Slovenia’s green, active and healthy tourism initiatives. We actively work alongside local tourist boards and operators to promote tourism opportunities with international media, social media influencers and vloggers. As a collective we aim to present the diverse range of activities available when promoting Slovenia.


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Here you will find a collection of promotional videos for Slovenia including individual Slovenian products we are proud to share with you. We believe when watching these videos you will be motivated to visit Slovenia and explore the featured locations for yourself. The published videos are available to use when promoting Slovenia.

Terms of use

The Slovenian Tourist Board respects the work of its authors, so we kindly request you do the same when using our multimedia content. The source and author must always be stated in respect of copyright licencing laws.

All multimedia content is available for promoting Slovenia, but for non-commercial purposes only.

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