Identification of market potential

Reports on the market potential of key markets are intended for anyone marketing their tourist offer abroad or considering marketing abroad. Each report contains information about:

  • structure of market and market potential
  • presence and structure of the target population according to the segments
  • travel motives and the purchase decision process for travelling within the region (Europe)
  • perception and competitive positioning of the destination of Slovenia
  • knowledge of, and experience with, visiting Slovenia, including the degree of recommendation


In 2018 we expanded the research on 7 additional markets: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Comparative report

Comparative report of the research Identification of market potential compares the data among the surveyed markets.


Slovenia is, above all, perceived as a destination different from mass tourism. It is seen as a destination for explorers that enables relaxation in nature and adventurous holidays

Proximity represents an important factor of Slovenia’s potential as a tourist destination, being slightly higher in neighboring countries, most notably in Austria and Hungary, followed by the Czech Republic.

Slovenia as a tourist destination, should focus on being boutique and on maximizing existing segments, with an important focus on some of the key strategic products, that will offer the possibility of spending quality time for the more demanding guests.


Full report

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