I feel Slovenia – the brand of Slovenia and Slovenian tourism

Slovenia has a brand with a meaningful message – I feel Slovenia. The Slovenia brand combines all areas of Slovenia, including tourism, and a mix of emotions, sensibility, and the Slovenian green colour are at its core and identity.

The Government Communication Office acts as the Slovenia brand manager, and an inter-ministerial group helps it to carry out and implement the Slovenia brand. The Slovenia brand is carried forward and developed by everyone who is a part of Slovenia. 

The core of the brand

The core of the ‘I FEEL SLOVENIA’ brand is green. In Slovenia, green is more than a colour. The ‘Slovenian green’ expresses a balance between the calmness of nature and the diligence of the Slovenian people. It denotes our pristine nature and our determination to keep it that way. It symbolises a lifestyle balance that combines the pleasant excitement with which Slovenians pursue their personal desires, and the common vision of moving forward with nature. The Slovenian green colour also describes our focus on the elementary, on what we feel with our hands. The Slovenian colour green speaks of the harmony of all senses, with which one can experience Slovenia. We feel Slovenia.

The new Slovenia brand also gave us a new Slovenia tourist brand, at the core of which is the Slovenian green colour and sensibility, in common with the Slovenia brand.

Slovenian green is the experience of Slovenia that stays in one’s memory the longest. It has a calming influence, as it symbolises the balance between an individual and society and its development. However, at the same time, a contagious energy boils over from Slovenia’s constant efforts to satisfy wishes.

Slovenia will encourage you to finally do what you always wanted and to feel a pleasant excitement. You will do something for yourself. The harmony of the senses, with which you experience the Slovenian green, will give you drive and calm you down at the same time, even once your holiday ends.

A holiday in Slovenia will bring back balance in your life, because in Slovenia you are always in touch with something elementary - whether that is water, the fragrance of the forests or the authentic flavours of the food.


Brand Manual

The Brand Manual is a basic Slovenia brand management tool, essentially a set of instructions for use. It describes the content of the Slovenia brand and adds the most general guidelines for its implementation.



Brand Handbook

The Slovenia Tourism Brand Handbook is one of the principal tools for managing the tourism brand. It serves as an aid to the appropriate use, implementation and communication of the tourism brand by all stakeholders in Slovenian tourism.



MY WAY communications platform

Communications platform and updated design concept to support the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination. I feel Slovenia - MY WAY.


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