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We welcome you to connect with us and help us create unique and inspiring stories about Slovenia. Discover Slovenia through you own eyes and feel the love that is written in the name of the country. 

But before you do this, read through our criteria.

  • Please contact us well in advance, at least four weeks;
  • You have an agreement with the media on publishing the contents on Slovenia, which will result from this tour;
  • The article / show will be published no later than within 12 months (for journalists);
  • The expected output will be clearly defined in advance by our social media managers (for influencers);
  • The readership/viewer profile matches the target group of Slovenia – active, open-minded people with a high sense of environmental responsibility;
  • You are able to demonstrate that readers / viewers are more interested in travelling abroad or are more frequent travellers than the average population in the target country;
  • You/your followers/readers come from:
    Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland or
    UK, France, Russian Federation, Benelux, Denmark, Finland, Sweden;
  • The media/social media profile you represent focuses on travel, lifestyle, food or design. It is either a daily/weekly newspaper, magazine, TV, film or radio show.
  • You will be invited to participate in an individual visit of Slovenia or invited to a group trip. 

Themes for 2023

Here, you will find all the key themes that are most relevant for 2023 and around which press/influencer trips will be mainly based.

Outdoor, sports and nature adventures 

Green&Safe Slovenia Gastronomy 

Cities and culture Spa and wellness 




Publication prepared for journalists presenting the diversity of Slovenia, special hints for 2022, exciting experiences and events, inspires you to explore Slovenia. Let us guide you through 7 great reasons, why you should visit and write about this hidden green gem in the heart of Europe. Thanks to short distances and geographic diversity, Slovenia incorporates boutique elements, which are authentic, varied, surprising, easily accessible and available 365 days a year. Diversity guaranteed, excitement as well!


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Media about us

Here, you will find stories about Slovenia by journalists and bloggers who have been on press trips to Slovenia. Get inspired.


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