Meet the speakers at the Green Day of Slovenian Tourism 2023



Milena Nikolova

Milena is a leading expert in using knowledge about human behaviour to power solutions that improve market success and sustainability performance in travel. With her work she supports tourism enterprises and destination authorities in achieving their goals by understanding and applying smart changes in relevant behaviours.  
Milena is a frequent speaker at global and regional tourism industry events on topics such as behavioural thinking for tourism, new traveller behaviours, behaviour-smart innovation and others. She is the author of the first book that explores the potential of applying knowledge from behavioural sciences to strategic issues in the travel industry. She is also the founder of a boutique consultancy focused on behaviour-smart innovations for the tourism industry.


Jan Klavora

Jan Klavora has been involved in sports tourism since he was a child and feels best in the course of the Soča River. In recent years, also on routes by bike and on foot. Since 2012, he has been creating his own tourist/sports stories. He is co-owner and director of the tourist agency Visit GoodPlace, co-founder of the Sustainable Tourism Factory and organizer of the Soča Outdoor Festival, the Kočevsko Outdoor Festival and the Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB. Jan has many experiences in the development of tourist products, as well as in strategic planning of hiking and cycling tourism. He regularly cooperates with destinations and service providers at all stages of development, from the identification of potential products, strategic planning and development of hiking and cycling routes, to marketing and sales. Its most recognized products are the Trans Slovenia, Trans Dinarica and Slovenia Green cycling routes.


Jana Apih

Jana Apih is the initiator and cofounder the Institute factory of Sustainable Tourism, GoodPlace, which she also heads. Today, GoodPlace acts as an important institution for the development of sustainable tourism and has a role of accredited partner for the implementation of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. Jana successfully transfered the knowledge and experience gained through the establishment and development of the Green Scheme to other countries. In addition, she is the co-author of the current national strategy of Slovenian tourism and a series of destination strategies. One of the key activities of the GoodPlace Institute ( is also the development of sustainable tourism products, which led to the establishment of a separate independent company of the tourist agency Visit GoodPlace (, which focuses on green and active travel. where I have the role of co-owner.


Maša Klemenčič 

Maša Klemenčič works at the Research and Development Department of the Slovenian Tourist Board, where she manages and coordinates the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which is an umbrella national project for promoting sustainable development in tourism, involving over 260 stakeholders. Besides the Green Scheme, she has been working closely with destinations and providers in other development projects with the aim of achieving the vision of Slovenian tourism with a smaller footprint and greater value for all. She joined the Slovenian Tourist Board after completing her studies in geography and gaining experience in the field of tourism in protected areas, mainly in the western part of the Alps.

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