The accessibility statement relates to the portal, which is the official Slovenian tourism portal, I feel Slovenia, for domestic and foreign visitors, and an entry point for ideas for exploring Slovenia. The administrator of the portal is the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO).

We wish to bring the portal to the widest possible circle of users, which is why it has been adapted for use by blind and visually-impaired people, deaf people, people with dyslexia, and users with understanding difficulties .

Compliance level

The I feel Slovenia portal is mostly harmonised with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act of the public sector. The websites have been prepared in line with the international guidelines for accessing web content, and comply with the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0 standard. Content submission is performed via the Userway interface.
Visually and otherwise impaired users can choose from the following:

  1. colour schemes:
  • Contrast+
  • Colour inversion
  • Dark contrast
  • Bright contrast
  • Desaturation
  1. Navigating with a button
  2. Read page
  3. Mark links
  4. Larger text
  5. Text spacing (more, moderate, less)
  6. Stop/Show animations
  7. Dyslexia-friendly (readable font)
  8. Cursor (larger cursor, reading assistant)
  9. Display tips

Additionally: Structure of the page and the option to Move/Hide.
Where possible, the forms (applications) are in full electronic form. Applications that are not in electronic form are generally made in Adobe pdf for filling out and in Word formats.

A position indicator is displayed before the content, i.e. where we are currently positioned on the web.

Users with dyslexia have the option to switch the font to a more readable font.

In writing, we are mindful of comprehensive and simple texts.

The I feel Slovenia portal is a website with dynamic content which may change on a daily basis, thus the recordings in the Slovenian sign language do not include subheadings or speech.

Inaccessible content

The portal is mostly adapted to the requirements regarding the accessibility to content.

The accessibility of the website is constantly monitored, and individual accessibility elements are improved regularly. The published content which does not meet all the requirements regarding accessibility, in line with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act ,will be additionally adapted or is already being reformed, thus some of this will be revised and made accessible. Some adaptations of the more sensitive content or systems could represent an increased risk for problems in ensuring an undisturbed operation of the system.

In the future, when implementing major changes, we will take care to adapt the website to vulnerable groups to the highest extent possible.

Feedback and contact information

If you wish to inform us about anything regarding the adaptation of the I feel Slovenia portal for persons with special needs, you can contact us at info(at) or via phone on 01 589 85 50. The official business hours of the main office are on workdays, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.

Supervision over the implementation of the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act of the public sector

The supervision over the implementation of the provisions of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act of the public sector is performed by:

The public agency of the Republic of Slovenia
for marketing and promoting tourism - the Slovenian Tourist Board
Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
tel. no.: 01 589 85 50
e-mail: info(at)

Date of website publication:
The I feel Slovenia portal was published, in its existing graphical form, on 12 December 2016

Preparation of the accessibility statement:
The statement was prepared on 21.12.2020 on the basis of a self-assessment.