Soča: the emerald river of adventures

The River Soča, which has a distinct emerald green colour, is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Its water flows across waterfalls, small waterfalls, and cascades as well as through narrow rocky gorges, and along the way it has carved surprising canyons and pools. The river and its tributaries excite the lovers of natural beauty and seekers of adventurous water sports , such as wildwater kayaking, rafting, canyoning etc. A renowned fish lives in the River Soča – the Soča Trout, which attracts fishermen from all over the world. The mountainous landscape above the River Soča was the scene of the largest mountain battle in history during World War I.

An explosion of outdoor attractions

Ready for action? Ready to explore? Ready for some fun? Enter a picturesque world between the emerald-green Soča River and Julian Alps. Experience adrenaline-charged adventures, explore World War I trails, visit a variety of local festivals and indulge in a top-notch culinary experiences.

Explore the Soča River Valley.


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You will love the wonderful green nature, crystal clear waters and the amazing wonders of nature. Find your inspiration and relaxation in the idyllic environment of green Slovenia. 

From 180,00 € MTB and canyoning weekend in the Soča valley

MTB and canyoning weekend in the Soča valley

Active holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 2

2 active days in the Posočje region, available as a family package or as an option for adult adventu

Pri Jakobu Kobarid
From 180,00 € MTB weekend in the Soča valley

MTB weekend in the Soča valley

Active holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 2

Enjoy 2 days of cycling on the best trails in the Soča Valley. The tours are gravity-oriented. The p

Pri Jakobu Kobarid

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