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In Slovenia, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. Love tastes like dishes from no less than 24 gastronomic areas and three wine-growing areas.  Local mineral waters have also always been served on Slovenian tables, and recently beers from local Slovenian microbreweries have also attracted interest. 


Potica, a traditional dessert

During holidays, Slovenia is especially fragrant with the tempting aroma of potica, the most typical Slovenian dessert. However, this dessert appears in many different forms. It gets its flavour from about 80 different fillings. The most common potica is the walnut potica.



Wines of Slovenian origin

There are three wine-growing regions in Slovenia, known for wines that receive renowned awards globally. These include excellent original wines, typical for individual areas. If you visit the wine-growing area of the Primorska Region, you must taste Teran, in the Posavje Region taste Cviček, and in the Podravje Region taste white wine varieties, such as the Rhein Riesling and Traminec. The wine-growing regions are divided into 14 wine-growing districts, each of which has a wine road, where you can learn about the Slovenian wine-growing tradition and local specialities. Slovenia is particularly proud of some indigenous wines and wines with protected geographical indication.


The oldest vine in the world

In Maribor, the second largest Slovenian town, the oldest vine in the world has been growing for almost half a millennium. It survived times of Turkish attacks; Medieval fires; grape leaf louse infestations, which destroyed many vineyards in the past; and both world wars. Behind it you can find the Old Vine House, and other sites of the wine city are nearby as well.


Slovenia's mineral waters

Local mineral waters have been added to white wines for a long time, especially to those from the Podravje wine-growing region. The typical local drink is the “špricer,” which is half wine, half mineral water with natural carbon dioxide. Here, Radenska, the mineral water from north-eastern Slovenia, is synonymous with all sparkling water. Also try other Slovenian mineral waters and don't forget to enjoy the high-quality drinkable tap water! 


Where can you find the delights of Slovenian cuisine?

Local dishes and wines can be found in typical restaurants in all of Slovenia's regions. The kitchens of high-end restaurants, hotels, and health resorts swear by local cuisine. The delights made from local ingredients will be offered to you on tourist farms, and in mountain cabins on hiking, mountain, and biking trails. Typical Slovenian dishes and the surprising diversity arising from mixing cuisines from different areas can be explored at original culinary events in Slovenia.

Restaurants with Slovenian cuisine

Discover traditional Slovenian restaurants and ask for local dishes at other restaurants, hotels, and health resorts.


Gastronomic events

Visit ethnographic events that include tastings of local dishes, and enjoy the cosmopolitan Open Kitchen.


Culinary delights in the middle of nature and on the go

Visit the capital city and have some sausage, hike to mountain huts and biking stops and savour some delicious stews, and rest at a tourist farm, where you can enjoy home-made food.


Meet the best Slovenian chefs

Top-notch Slovenian chefs are making their own mark on the world. In Ljubljana, visit Janez Bratovž’s restaurant JB, which has been put on the San Pellegrino list of the 100 best restaurants in the world. Hiša Franko in Kobarid is home to Ana Franko, a member of the renowned collective culinary entity, who was declared the greatest talent of 2015 by the association Jeunes Restaurateurs d´Europe. Tomaž Kavčič is the chef at the Zemono Castle in the Vipava Valley. He is the recipient of the prestigious Italian Golden Chef award. At Villa Herberstein in Velenje, dishes of exquisite cuisine are prepared by Andrej Kuhar, a Michelin Star holder. Allow yourself to be surprised by the originality of other Slovenian chefs as well.


Taste what grows right in front of you

No matter where in green Slovenia you are, you can rest assured that food is growing right in front of you and that the providers of local cuisine can turn this into unforgettable culinary experiences. Many gastronomic regions develop their own collections of typical dishes offered under recognisable local brands. But even on a local level, Slovenians like to eat good food! Follow your taste buds.



Seasoned with love

The taste of dishes typical for Slovenia and for particular gastronomic regions is enhanced by fresh and local herbs and spices. Slovenian salt, produced in the northernmost traditional salt pans still operating in the Mediterranean, holds a special place among them.



Culinary events

Book your experience

Spice up your visit with the specialities of Slovenian cuisine. Choose and book your holiday today!

From 265,00 € Have a break

Have a break

Persons: 2 Nights: 1

A complete break with gourmet pampering.

Špacapanova hiša d.o.o. Komen
From 399,00 € Taste Slovenia

Taste Slovenia

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Sample the nouvelle Slovene cuisine of chef UrošŠ! Explore Radovljica, discover Brezje, Begunje a

Vila Podvin Radovna
From 399,00 € Tastes of Slovenia/Taste Slovenia

Tastes of Slovenia/Taste Slovenia

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Taste the dishes of the new Slovenian cuisine by chef Uroš! Take a peek behind the scenes of a profe

Villa Podvin Radovljica
From 1.050,00 € A quick getaway in the heart of vineyards

A quick getaway in the heart of vineyards

Persons: 1 Nights: 3

A brief getaway in Slovenia’s largest wine-growing region will take your breath away due to the beau

Amber tours, s.p. Ljubljana
From 760,00 € A culinary experience in pristine nature

A culinary experience in pristine nature

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Delight your body and soul, indulge in Slovenian cuisine and enjoy natural Slovenian wines. Discov

Planinka Hotel Ljubno ob Savinji
From 465,00 € The best that land and sea have to offer

The best that land and sea have to offer

Persons: 1 Nights: 2

A visit to the Slovenian coast, the towns of Koper, Portorož, and Piran, and exploring picturesque I

Costa Magnifica Ljubljana
From 535,00 € Just enjoy yourself

Just enjoy yourself

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Simply indulge in our culinary pampering.

Špacapanova hiša d.o.o. Komen
From 690,00 € Hike & Taste

Hike & Taste

Persons: 4 Nights: 3

If you want to explore the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps, then Bohinj is an ideal starti

TA hikeandbike Bohinj Pokljuka

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