Piran – a town that grew on salt

Piran is considered one of the most beautiful historical towns on the Adriatic coast. Picturesque buildings which reflect the influence of the Venetian Republic, the mighty medieval town walls, romantic narrow winding streets and the scent of salt give a unique charm to every corner of the town. And this very salt gave Piran its unique mark. Its development was closely related to salt harvesting, and even today Piran salt remains one of the most distinctive symbols of the town. Get to know the “salty” side of Piran and the adventures it brings with it.

The white treasure of the sea

The salt-making tradition in Piran and its surroundings goes back more than 700 years. The area of the Piran salt pans used to be much bigger in the past, while today only the Strunjan and Sečovelje salt pans remain. The latter enable a glimpse at the salt-making tradition, a small part of which is kept alive even today. Salt pans are a rich blend of ecosystems, and therefore also home to many rare plants and animals. You can take a walk or a bike ride among the salt pools.

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The taste of salt

Piran salt is renowned for its quality and natural white colour. It owes its special features to the composition of the salt pan soil, natural elements – the sun, wind and the sea – and to the caring hands of salt pan workers who harvest the salt using a 700-year-old procedure and traditional tools. The most precious product of the Sečovlje salt pans is the fleur de sel. It is produced with lots of patience and love, reflected in its distinctive taste and smell which convinces even the greatest chefs and gourmets.

Add a whiff of Piran to your cooking

Apart from salt, the main ingredients in the Istrian and Piran cuisine are olive oil and fish. Surprise your loved ones with delicious combination of the coastal region flavours and prepare a Piran sea bass in salt.

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Feel the salt on your skin

The sea is a true treasure trove of natural ingredients that have a positive effect on our bodies and well-being. Salt houses, found in different parts of Slovenia, have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and skin. Special salty adventures also await you at the Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida, an outdoor spa centre situated in the unique natural environment in the middle of salt pans. Let yourself be pampered with salt pan mud, brine and salt, produced using a traditional procedure

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A homage to the salt-making tradition

Get to know the attractions and secrets related to salt making at the traditional Saltpans Fest  which recreates the days of the departure to the salt pans and preparations for salt harvesting. The festival with a centuries-old tradition takes place on the name day of St George (23 April) who is the patron saint of Piran and to whom the St George's Parish Church, located above the town centre, is dedicated. 

Take a tour of the surrounding areas

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Postojna cave

Postojna cave



Nature’s hidden gem



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