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Tempted to indulge in something different, special, and delicious? Restaurant week is a unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with the charms of Slovenia’s top cuisine. If you enjoy eating well, you will undoubtedly visit one of the 105 participating restaurants, where chefs will make special effort to thrill you. There is absolutely no need to worry about high prices. The menus at all restaurants are available at a single, affordable price.

Guests have the chance to get to know cuisines they have not experienced before. This is the best promotion one could wish for!

Andrej Kuhar,  the first Slovenian chef with a Michelin star

It’s when the restaurant is packed, the guests are enjoying themselves and we are working at full blast in the kitchen.

David Vračko, Restaurant Mak

All you need to know about Restaurant Week

Do you enjoy eating well? If so, be sure to catch Restaurant Week. Twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn, you can set off on a splendid 10-day culinary journey, exploring a variety of flavours that will leave you far from indifferent. Top Slovenian chefs will shower you with their creativity and knowledge by serving you at least three courses.  Only restaurants approved by the discerning food critic Uroš Mencinger may participate in Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Week is, in fact, a school of flavours, during which you become taste explorers. It is up to the chefs to be creative and innovative, and it is up to the guests to be curious and open-minded. 

Only the best can take part in Restaurant Week; this is a time during which chefs are allowed to be a bit bolder, while guests can be a bit more critical.

The menus at participating restaurants are available at the single price of EUR 19, which includes a minimum of three courses.

Restaurant Week is intended for the young, both in age and at heart. On the one hand, young chefs get the chance to showcase their knowledge and creativity, and the clientèle includes many young people on the other. 

Many people fear premium restaurants. During Restaurant Week, we help them shed that fear.

Borut Jovan, independent chef

Where the heart leads

Not sure about which restaurant you should pick? When deciding which establishment to visit, let yourself be guided by the hearts that represent the ratings of participating restaurants. Only restaurants that have earned at least one heart may take part in Restaurant Week.  Four hearts are reserved for the very best restaurants according to these criteria. 

JB Restaurant

JB Restaurant

The kingdom of top chef Janez Bratovž, located in one of Jože Plečnik’s architectural masterpieces in Ljubljana, is a sanctuary for aficionados of refined flavours. This is one of the top 100 restaurants in the world.


Hiša Denk

Hiša Denk

At Hiša Denk, located on the outskirts of Svečinske Gorice, unique flavours blended with a tried-and-tested family tradition and the boldness of young generations are being developed under the direction of chef Gregor Vračko.


Gostilna pri Lojzetu

Gostilna pri Lojzetu

Zemono Manor House is the gastronomic “playground” where world-renowned chef Tomaž Kavčič plays with the rich flavours of the Vipava Valley and presents them in the most innovative ways.


Although Restaurant Week is all about only three courses, we try to tell an entire story through them.

Ksenija Mahorčič, Gostilna Mahorčič

Have you booked your table yet?

Restaurant Week is reserved only for select Slovenian restaurants, which earn entry to this elite company through their quality work. Likewise, the event is intended for guests who like to eat well and explore new flavours. If eating well is among your hobbies, choose your favourite restaurant as soon as possible. Check which menu looks best and book your seat.

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This is not just about going to a restaurant to sate your hunger; it is a genuine experience.

Jure Tomič, Ošterija Debeluh

Share your gastronomic impressions with the world

Why not let others know where they can have a great meal? Invite them to pamper their taste buds by posting photos of your culinary adventures in Slovenia. Take part in the #tasteslovenia competition and compete for practical prizes.


Taste Slovenia

Taste Slovenia

Original cuisine is delightful to taste and enjoyable to experience. Choose your experience from the 84 pages of the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy brochure, where Slovenia is presented not only a superb food destination, but also as a land of excellent wines and honey. Besides the authentic flavours of four Slovenian regions, you will get to know the best chefs, top-rated restaurants and inns, culinary events, delicious souvenirs and much more.  

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