Staple souvenirs

Arts and crafts are a staple among Slovenian souvenirs.

Fine souvenirs include the beautiful bobbin lace from Idrija.

World-famous woodenware or ‘suha roba’ of Ribnica comes in many shapes, from spoons to baskets. Another staple is painted beehive panels called panjske končnice. 

Slovenia is a nation of beekeepers, so you will come across a wealth of honey and bee products. A special experience is shopping for decorative gingerbread products.

Take your food to the next level with unique Piran salt or fleur de sel from Sečovlje saltpans. The salt is harvested by a traditional procedure that has been practiced over 700 years.

Majolka – Slovenian ceramic water or wine jugs are both decorative and useful.

You might be thrilled by crystal products made by the skilled glass blowers from Rogaška Slatina.

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of premium Slovenian wine.

Fine arts lovers will be able to acquire original works of notable Slovenian painters and sculptors at one of many galleries.

 Fresh and local food from a marketplace or tourist farm

Most Slovenian cities and towns have farmers markets with extensive offerings of local fruit and vegetable growers, with organic vegetables, homemade meat products, cheese, olive oil, herbs and handicrafts. The flea market comes to many towns at the end of the week, featuring a diverse selection of antiques and other items. You will find authentic local flavours and products at tourist farms, in farmers’ co-op shops as well as in special vending machines in cities and towns.


Plečnik’s market

More than just a shopping hotspot the central Ljubljana market is a must see – it serves as a traditional meeting spot for Ljubljana residents to meet on Saturday. Widely celebrated architect Jože Plečnik conceived the market built between 1940 and 1944 as a series of covered markets following the curve of the Ljubljanica River. Little shops offer fresh meat, fish, bread and pastries, dairy products, dried fruits, herbs and much more.

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In the centre of Ljubljana

The picturesque centre of Ljubljana with its historic core impresses with a diverse and unique palette of boutiques and other shops. In the middle of the city centre you’ll see the most beautiful shop in Slovenia – Galerija Emporium, which found its home in the Secession-style Urbanc House built in 1903. Since then the building has served commercial purposes and was also the first of Ljubljana’s department stores. Peek into boutiques to see what Slovenian fashion designers have been up to. While walking the streets of the historic city core you mustn’t miss Ljubljana’s street fairs. At the weekend, the Artish fair and the antique flea market showcase a fascinating array of unique items and bric-a-brac. And finally, make the most of your shopping spree experience and treat yourself to a coffee and a chat at one of the bustling cafés along the Ljubljanica River.

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Shopping centres on city outskirts

The largest shopping centres can be found on the outskirts of the bigger cities – Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Koper, Nova Gorica, Kranj, Novo Mesto etc. Different global and domestic brands await, with different service providers offering products of all kinds. Don’t stop at shopping. These centres also offer good food, recreation and a host of fun activities on the side. Don’t miss visiting one of the largest shopping centres in Europe – BTC City in Ljubljana, where you can even find some refreshment in the pool.

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