Take a piece of Slovenia with you

Smitten by Slovenia? Why not take a piece of this green land with you in the form of typical Slovenian products and souvenirs available at various locations: tourist information centres, museum shops and local marketplaces. Slovenian products might give you some ideas for gifts for your loved ones. It is certainly worthwhile shopping for Slovenian culinary delights, wine, wooden handicraft products and prominent local brands.

Buy from craftspeople

Slovenia maintains its many traditions. In numerous shops, fairs, craft festivals and most of all in master craftsmen workshops you will find unique handmade souvenirs inspired by tradition. Some of them carry the distinctive mark Art&Craft Slovenija. Have a look at the pottery and ceramic products, the charming and protected bobbin lace from Idrija, knitted and felted products, stone craft, forged ironwork and other products by Slovenian designers.  

Unique, traditional, Slovenian

Browse some of the Slovenian online stores, where you can find unique traditional and modern products made by Slovenian artisans. You might find just the right “piece” of Slovenia to brighten your home or delight your friends and family.

Where to get holiday gifts?

With unique products from Slovenia, you can also surprise your loved ones on various occasions. Holiday stalls with local products and produce usually pop up in Slovenian cities at the end of the year, so you can spice up your stroll through the decorated streets by visiting boutique shops in city centres.


Enjoy eating Slovenian-style in your own home, too

Once you taste Slovenian cuisine, you will only want more. If you are not travelling by air and if this is not prevented by regulations for travel across national borders, stock up on local delicacies with local and national certificates or even European protection labels.

Bring the best flavours from Slovenia to your home

Create delicious dishes that will remind you of Slovenia in your own kitchen. Use top-quality ingredients produced with love and responsibility that will enrich your culinary masterpieces. Choose gourmet products to pamper your taste buds, authentic home-made delicacies to create a sense of homeliness, and add a glass of top-quality wine to complete a delicious lunch or dinner.

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So, what products to choose?

This is, of course, a matter for your own tastes and wishes, but we can give you a hint of what best reflects the Slovenian tradition and character.

Gifts from contemporary Slovenian designers

Fashion designers from Slovenia have long conquered the world and the major fashion houses. Look for clothes, leather products and fashion accessories in boutiques featuring products by Slovenian artist. Don't forget Slovenian designer products that will brighten up your home. Here are just a few hints on where to find them.

Stories from Slovenia

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