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Chocolate is one of the most widespread and popular sweets in the world. Its noble taste and gentle texture charms almost everyone, and it has positive effects on well-being. Dark chocolate in particular has numerous proven positive features which affect our health and well-being. Regardless of whether you like to enjoy it as a bar, drink or as a gourmet seasoning for various dishes, and of the type of chocolate you swear by, chocolate pleasures await in Slovenia. Treat your body, not only your taste buds, to chocolate indulgence. Experience true chocolate luxury at Slovenian sweet festivals.

Satisfy your sweet tooth at festivals

Chocolate is the common thread of the Chocolate Festival held in Radovljica on the second weekend of April each year. Chocolate treats attract tens of thousands of visitors, and interesting events for all generations are held in the three festival days – from workshops for children and cooking shows to a chocolate fashion show and a chocolate roulette. One of the reasons for the occurrence of the festival is the tradition of chocolate production in nearby Lesce where the legendary Gorenjka chocolate is produced in the oldest still operational chocolate factory in Slovenia.

Enjoy chocolate pleasures at other festivals around Slovenia too. At the beginning of May, visit the Wine and Chocolate Festival in Podčetrtek. Taste sweet treats, including chocolate, at the Sweet Istria Festival on the coast at the end of September. To add variety to cold autumn days, join the events of the Gourmet Gastronomic Festival  in Ljubljana, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy chocolate.

Chocolate experiences with the tastes of Slovenia

Would you like to try something new? Discover the richness of special chocolates with a Slovenian touch. Taste chocolate with fleur de sel produced at the Piran Salt Pans. You can find a hint of the Mediterranean in dark chocolate with rosemary or truffles. How about pralines with the tastes of Prekmurje, such as pumpkin seed oil, gibanica or Traminec? In chocolate, you can also taste the cheese characteristic of the Velka Planina Plateau Trnič, potic and Teran liqueur. An unusual but tasty combination is chocolate with onions.

A sweet visit to a chocolate shop

In Slovenia, you will find numerous chocolate shops which will spoil you with unique chocolate tastes. In Ljubljana, visit the Rustika House of Chocolate  and Atelje Dobnik, which are among the first boutique chocolate shops in Slovenia. In Velenje, you can enjoy sweet moments at the Lucifer Chocolate Shop. After spoiling your body and mind at the Olimia Thermal Spa, stop by the Olimje Chocolate Shop. Check out the production of chocolate treats at the Rajska ptica Chocolate Shop, also enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II.

Feel the power of chocolate on your own skin

Chocolate is also excellent to spoil your body, and you can find chocolate massages, wraps and even saunas at wellness centres in thermal spas. You can treat yourself with one of these at the Atlantis Water City. Experience cocoa treatment at Thermana Laško Thermal Spa. You can also find chocolate massages at thermal spas of Terme Olimia, Terme Paradiso, Terme Dobrna, Terme Maribor and elsewhere.

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