Quality Drinking Water

Tap water is often served to you even at the catering establishments, when you, for example, order a cup of coffee, with wine, food and similar. On warm and hot days, there are also public drinking fountains with natural drinking water available in many Slovenian towns.


Otherwise, the quality of drinking water varies greatly around Slovenia, as there are over a thousand water supply systems. In some parts, the water in towns is of higher quality than the water in the countryside. However, many Slovenian drinking waters are hard, i.e. they have high contents of harmless lime scale. Cases of poisoning with water, which are reflected in the diarrhoeas and gastric disorders, are extremely rare, but can occur. 

Especially after heavy rainfall, it is advisable to avoid tap water, as it can be turbid. In these instances, the public is alerted via the media.


Mineral Water and Water from Plastic Bottles

If you prefer to drink water in plastic or glass bottles, the choice in Slovenian shops and catering establishments is wide. Let us only point out two sparkling mineral waters with great international reputation. They are Radenska Three Hearts and Donat Mg. The first mineral water is sold almost in all catering establishments, while Donat Mg is slightly less widespread.


In Slovenia, you cannot get any food that is produced from genetically modified organisms, since they are also banned elsewhere in the European Union. Most of the food on sale in Slovenia is produced on farms in the country. On these farms, the organic or ecological farming is becoming increasingly widespread.

The origin of all food products sold in Slovenia is printed on the packaging.

Catering establishments that offer food must meet the high hygiene standards during its preparation, which is why there is no cause for concern regarding the safety of food. Cases of food poisoning are very rare.

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