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Five steps to health

Many paths lead to health in Slovenian natural health resorts. Maintain and improve your health with the help of preventive medicine wellness programmes and high-quality medical services.

Indications covered

Slovenian natural health resorts provide an array of medical programmes to alleviate various conditions and the consequences of injuries. Almost all health resorts offer treatment for rheumatic conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, including treatments for other indications.

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Musculoskeletal injuries

Rheumatic disorders

Neurological diseases

Neurotic disorders and respiratory diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Gastrointestinal disorders

Metabolic diseases

Skin diseases

Respiratory organ diseases

Gynaecological diseases

Renal and urinary disorders

Therapeutic factors

Medical treatment in Slovenian natural health resorts is always associated with the use of natural therapeutic factors. In addition to therapeutic water, there are also climate factors and natural ingredients. Each therapeutic factor has been thoroughly studied, and their effects have been proven. Specialised doctors and balneologists advise their use in accordance with the specific medical needs of the individual.

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The richness of thermal, mineral and other beneficial waters has been scientifically proven to improve health and well-being.

Healing salt-pan mud and other peloids, which are usually rich in minerals, are used for therapeutic, relaxation and aesthetic purposes.

Inhalations of beneficial aerosols (e.g. herbal inhalations) are great for relaxation and clearing airways.

Peat is an invaluable treasure of mountain forested wetlands; it has a beneficial effect on various health problems and is generally used in baths.

The gentle sea breeze, on one side, and the fresh mountain air, on the other, significantly contribute to one’s well-being and better health.

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Dedicated programmes

All Slovenian health resorts will surprise you with their specific preventive programmes such as anti-stress therapies, anti-ageing programmes, programmes for managers, for mothers-to-be, for a healthy spine, and the like. In many of them, you can choose a slimming or detox programme.

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Therapeutic approaches

Medical and therapeutic massages, special massages, baths, wraps and peeling treatments are used in addition to recognised natural factors, sports exercise and relaxation activities, so you will be on the right path to preserve your health. They are carried out under expert supervision.

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Nutrition and dietetics

At health resorts, special attention is paid to healthy nutrition and the provision of suitable dietetic menus for the various needs and wishes of guests. When dishes are prepared, special attention is paid to the effects of vital food and its local origin.

Choose your spa to preserve your health

In any Slovenian spa and health resort you choose for a break, you will find programmes that will help you preserve your health and wellbeing. Some spas include comprehensive medical centres, and others have centres for specific conditions and diseases.

Have you still not found the right spa to improve your health? Choose an indication and explore medial services in other natural health resorts.

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Take care of yourself and your health

Many diseases are the result of an upset internal body balance. Special programmes in Slovenian spas and health resorts are designed to help you get rid of the bad and excessive and fill yourself up with the good and positive.

Take care of your body with detox programmes

Every day we are exposed to the adverse effects of the environment, resulting in various toxins entering our bodies. At a certain point, it is time to say 'enough' and get rid of these harmful substances. To this end, you can try the full-body detoxification programmes available at some Slovenian spas.


Take care of your body with detox programmes

Take care of your body with detox programmes

Every day we are exposed to the adverse effects of the environment, resulting in various toxins entering our bodies. At a certain point, it is time to say 'enough' and get rid of these harmful substances. To this end, you can try the full-body detoxification programmes available at some Slovenian spas.


Boost your immune system

Boost your immune system

At a time when we are surrounded by several health problems, it is especially important to keep one’s immune system strong. At Slovenian natural health resorts, a comprehensive approach is used to boost the immune system involving a proper diet plan, detoxification and resistance-boosting programmes, exercise in the fresh air, and a positive attitude towards life.


Weight loss and body toning in Slovenia

Weight loss and body toning in Slovenia

The key to achieving long-lasting weight loss and body toning is to tackle this process thoughtfully. For this reason, Slovenian spas employ professionals who will help you reach your desired weight in a healthy way through a customised individual approach.


Feel the power of healing waters

Feel the power of healing waters

Slovenia is a land of healthy waters. Unique thermal and mineral waters have been proven to have positive effects on health and well-being. They aid recovery from various injuries and illnesses. They are also used to great effect in some wellness programmes. It is therefore definitely worth experiencing their natural healing properties.


Salt for better breathing and healthy skin

Salt for better breathing and healthy skin

Salt has many positive effects, especially on skin and the respiratory system. Try its beneficial effects while enjoying salt pampering programmes in Slovenian spas and health resorts. Try salt massages and baths, salt saunas and salt rooms.


Book your experience

Take care of your wellbeing and treat yourself to a regenerating experience by being pampered in Slovenian spas and health resorts. Choose and book your holiday today!

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Strengthen your immune system. Experience spring by the sea. Enjoy a morning on the beach and unlimited swimming in the thermal or seawater pools. Your...

Seniors’ Package

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Spa pampering in the comfort of your own suit at Spa Suite Dobrna – soak in a wooden tub with thermal water and relax in the Turkish sauna.

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The package is designed for those who want to identify the stressors in their lives and manage them without affecting their mental and physical well-being....

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Enjoy a getaway to the Ortenia Apartments, where luxury merges with beautiful unspoilt nature to create a perfect, idyllic haven.

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The perfect wellness break at the Design Hotel Balnea **** Superior

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You are welcome to relax among the forests and thermal springs, which will fill you with positive energy. Be sure to visit the Vitarium Spa & Clinique,...

Spa break in Terme Šmarješke Toplice

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Pamper all your senses with a first-class combination of boutique wellness and supreme cuisine in a unique ambience.

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