Step onto the path to wellness

The environment of a modern person is becoming more stressful and full of toxins which exhaust our energy and affect our quality of life. Do you feel tired, apathetic and irritable? It’s time for rejuvenation! Experience it in Slovenia where some natural spas offer comprehensive body detox programmes. Get rid of the everyday negative effects on your body and start living to the fullest with newly gained vitality.

Perfect gift for your body

You will find one of the most comprehensive detox programmes at Šmarješke Toplice Spa. Their individual approach enables body detoxification that is fully adjusted to your needs. The combination of a tailored meal plan, exercising in nature, therapies and relaxation will give you a rush of new energy. In addition to the detox programme, there is also a comprehensive healthy weight-loss programme, which will help you on your way to a slimmer body and well-being.

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Detoxification with natural cleansers

At Terme Dobrna, various beverages containing natural cleansers of harmful substances in your body, i.e. lemon, vinegar, honey, ionised water, Himalayan salt, will be beneficial for your well-being and will provide a surge of fresh energy. You will be pampered with various wrappings, peels and massages, and you also can get rid of irritating harmful substances if you visit Sauna Land. Your activities in the swimming pool will be supervised by experts.

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Ayurveda for well-being

Do you swear by Ayurvedic methods to obtain relaxation and well-being? Detox treatments according to Ayurvedic principles are available on the coast in the Shakti – Ayurveda Centre at Terme Portorož. The world of healthy pleasures on the Adriatic coast offers body detoxification with special meal plans, sports activities and various treatments. You can also rejuvenate your body and spirit with regular meditation and yoga. Your rejuvenation will be positively affected if you swim in pools with 42-thousand-year-old , which is a source of primal energy; it is rich in minerals that have a therapeutic effect on your skin, respiratory system, motor system, and everyone’s general well-being.

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Feel the beneficial effects of water

Rogaška Medical Centre is famous for its natural mineral water Donat Mg with the highest magnesium content in the world. The beneficial effects of its chemical composition are applied in the comprehensive body detoxification programme. For a full rejuvenation of your body, experience the Magnesium Renaissance.

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For all those who find it difficult to take time for themselves

Don’t have time to devote to yourself and to detoxify your body? No excuses! At the Thermana Laško Spa, weekend detox programmes are available, following the principle of Ayurveda, which focuses on yoga and a diet that does not burden your body. Therefore, in a very short period, you can achieve positive effects on your health and wellness.

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Enter the world of saunas

A visit to saunas will also help you cleanse your body. In Slovenia, you can find a wide spectrum of various sauna programmes, which have a beneficial effect on your respiratory system and your skin. Enter a world of unique saunas, which you will leave feeling as light as a feather.


Start a new day rejuvenated

Give your body more lightness and vitality with the detox programme at Terme Čatež, where you will be taken care of by a nutritionist, doctor and sports trainers. Terme Maribor primarily swears by a special detoxification diet, which is combined with exercise and pampering. A special body detoxification method is used in Terme Olimia, whereby harmful substances are discharged from the body through the soles of the feet with the help of ionised water. At the Terme Radenci Spa, the local mineral water with a high CO₂ content is successfully used for body cleansing. A combination of detox baths and massages, movement, and a healthy diet is also available at the Rimske Terme Spa.

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