Bled – an image of paradise under the Alps

For centuries, Bled and Lake Bled, which boasts the only natural island in Slovenia, have been attracting people seeking special beauty. Traditional boats called pletna take visitors to see the island and the church, which has a bell that plays a special ode to love. The most beautiful view of the lake, its island and the surrounding Alpine peaks can be enjoyed from the castle towering over the lake on a lofty cliff. The beauty of Bled was also noticed by the media giants Lonely Planet and Daily Mail, which placed it among their top 10 global destinations.


Postojna Cave – the most frequently visited world of underground wonders

Postojna Cave is considered to be one of the most frequented tourist caves in the world, and rightfully so. An underground train takes visitors along the first cave railway in the world to the interior of the cave among several thousand-year-old speleothems, through grand halls and past hidden tunnels. The 24-kilometre long Postojna Cave is the place where you can meet "dragon's babies" in person, the place where unbelievable creatures hatch: the proteus or the "human fish". Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in the world, can be found near the cave, where the legend of the fearless robber baron, Erazem of Predjama, is still alive.


Lipica – birthplace of the Lipizzan horse

The original stud farm for the noble white horses has been maintained in Lipica in the Karst region since 1580. The oldest European stud farm to breed the same horse breed without interruption is a cultural and historical monument, which impresses visitors with its equestrian experiences and special Karst landscape.


Piran – salty surprises of the Mediterranean

The Piran Salt Pans, where salt and the world-class fleur de sel are still harvested using age-old methods, were the reason that Piran, the most beautiful town on the Slovenian coast, flourished. The picturesque medieval town, the entirety of which is protected as a cultural and historical monument, adjoins two landscape parks. Visitors can see one of them from the highest cliff on the Adriatic Sea.


The land of UNESCO World Heritage

Škocjan Caves with the largest subterranean canyon, Idrija and its once world-renowned mercury mine, ancient beech forests and the Ljubljana Marshes with its heritage of an ancient pile-dweller culture where the world’s oldest wooden wheel with an axle was found – these are but few of the special features of Slovenia that have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The Soča River Valley – peaceful stories along the gorgeous river

In addition to countless natural sights, the valley of the emerald green Soča River, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and best preserved Alpine rivers in Europe, also preserves the shocking heritage of World War I. This was the scene of the Isonzo Front, the bloodiest mountain battle in history. Above the valley stretches Triglav National Park, the largest Slovenian protected natural area, where Paths of Peace can also be found.


Velika Planina Plateau – a journey into the living shepherd tradition

At the end of spring, cow bells echo in Velika planina announcing the arrival of cattle and their shepherds. The fairy-tale plateau with one of the largest shepherd’s settlements in Europe attracts visitors to learn about the interesting life on mountain pastures and try dairy delicacies prepared by the shepherds. Enjoy a stroll in the meadows, a longer hike along the plateau or a mountain biking tour.


The Logar Valley – the Alpine beauty in the embrace of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The Logar Valley is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. The harmonious balance between tradition, people and nature, which can be found in the Solčavsko region, is exceptional and very rare. A retreat in the peaceful surroundings of the landscape park can be spent hiking, cycling, riding horses, embarking on a photo safari, etc. The park was the recipient of CIPRA’s Future in the Alps Award for successful management of the protected area.


The Old Vine in Maribor – the queen of all vines

In Lent, in the old town centre of Maribor, the oldest vine in the world, can be found. It is more than 400 years old and is the only plant with its own museum in the Old Vine House. Many events are organised in Maribor throughout the year to honour the queen of vines, such as the Pruning of the Old Vine, the Harvest, St Martin’s Day Celebration and the Old Vine Festival. And, believe it or not, the Old Vine even has its own anthem that the people of Maribor like to sing.


Ljubljana – the lively green capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana is the green capital of a green country. With regard to green public areas per capita, Ljubljana is globally ranked at the very top. The image of the town next to the Ljubljanica River with picturesque bridges and a marketplace was designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik. A powerful castle reigns on the hill overlooking the town centre, which visitors can ascend on foot or with a funicular. The castle houses unforgettable experiences and superb cuisine, in addition to various interesting events.


Perhaps you didn’t know…

Not only will Slovenia’s attractions inspire you with their beauty, they will also astound you with their interesting stories and facts, which are just waiting to be discovered.

The world’s first underground post office opened in Postojna Cave in 1899. 

Not far from Lake Bled on the slopes of the Jelovica Plateau, the Jama pod Babjim zobom Cave, the largest speleothem cave in the Julian Alps and one of the oldest caves in Slovenia, can be found and this magnificent natural attraction was formed during an ice age.

In sea depths, some 350 metres off the Piran shore, the so-called underwater Mt Triglav (Mt Triglav being the highest peak/point of Slovenia) is located. At 39.56 metres, making it the lowest point in the Slovenian sea.

The elegant white Lipizzan horses, considered to be one of the oldest horse breeds, are born dark and obtain their white coat with age.

The Martel Hall in Škocjan Caves is considered to be the largest underground hall in Slovenia so far discovered and is one of the largest in the world.

A special trnič cheese of distinctive shape is made at Velika planina, which is also known as the cheese of love as the shepherds used to give it to their sweethearts.

Potočka Zijalka Cave can be found above the Logar Valley, where the second oldest sewing needle in the world was found among other things.

The Old Vine in Maribor’s Lent endured numerous historical and natural upheavals. It failed to succumb even to the phylloxera louse, since it has its roots deep under the Drava River gravel.

In Ljubljana, visitors frequently come across an image of a dragon. It refers to the legend about Jason and the Argonauts, who also stopped at the Ljubljana Marshes during their famous journey, where Jason was said to defeat a fearsome dragon.

The scenic beauty of the Soča River Valley also inspired the creators of the film, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Several exciting scenes of the famous film were shot beside the Soča River.

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