An unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Garden

Place: Portorož Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 2 to 3 hours Number of people: 1 - 50
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English, German, Italian Type of experience: Taste Slovenia, Nature Contact: d.o.o.
Limnjanska cesta 117
6320 Portorož
+386 41 620 606
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An unforgettable day at the Fonda Fish Garden

Learn about the story of the best farmed fish in the world and enjoy its incredible taste. 

Slovenia unique experience

Visit unique fish boutique surrounded by the sea

Hear a story about a family of biologists, who decided to farm the best fish in the world. While sailing towards their ‘sea garden’, listen to their passionate and delicious story.

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Have a bite of the Fonda sea bass from Piran

This experience takes place in the southern-most part of the Slovenian coast, at Slovenia’s only fish farm in the protected environment of the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park. While enjoying this experience, take a bite of raw Fonda sea bass, a pinch of Piran fleur de sel, a splash of Istrian olive oil, along with a glass of Malvasia wine, which will convince you that the family have succeeded in their endeavour. This fish boutique in the middle of the sea stands out for its sustainable sea bass farming.

Learn why, from an economic perspective, everything is done ‘incorrectly’ at the Fonda Fish Farm – fish are kept in the water for too long, they are fed overly expensive food, the best fingerlings are farmed, everything is done by hand, chemicals are not used, and there are ten times fewer fish in the nets, considering the volume, than what is usual. However, this is the price that they pay in their strong desire to farm the best reared fish in the world.

Course of the experience:

  • Meeting a guide at the fish farm base in Seča.
  • A welcome and brief presentation of fish farming activities carried out on land.
  • Embarking a vessel. If they wish, visitors can row to the fish farm in a kayak, a sit-on-top kayak, or a stand-up paddle board. Take a boat ride or row to the Fonda fish garden.
  • Presentation of the characteristics of the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park and the Portorož Fishing Reserve.
  • A tour of the Fonda sea garden and a fish feeding demonstration.
  • A boat ride to land, return to the fish farm base. During their return, visitors can see a mussel habitat.
  • The experience concludes under a pine tree with a boutique gastronomic experience (raw and smoked sea bass with fleur de sel, local Istrian olive oil, and wine produced by local winemakers).

Timetable: The experience is available weekly throughout the year. If there is wind, waves, or heavy showers, when boat rides are not possible, the tasting and the educational part are carried out on land. 

Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Start: Fish farm base, Seča 142, Portorož (at the end of Jernej's Canal on the edge of the Sečovlje Salt Pans Landscape Park). Upon additional payment, visitors can also be picked up by boat in Portorož or at the main pier in Piran. 

Price: 264 EUR for groups of 1-4 people or 66 EUR/person (groups of 5 to 50 people).

Price includes:

  • a guide,
  • a boat ride from the fish farm base in Seča to the Fonda fish garden,
  • a fish feeding demonstration and an interactive tour about extensive fish farming,
  • a boutique gastronomic experience,
  • surprise souvenir.

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Experience a fish boutique in the middle of the sea

Hear the unique story of the best farmed fish in the world and enjoy its incredible taste. d.o.o.
Limnjanska cesta 117
6320 Portorož
+386 41 620 606


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Did you know?

The Fonda sea bass from Piran is the only farmed fish in the world that is offered on the menus of restaurants around the world with it's brand name – Fonda Sea Bass.

The Fonda family delivers fresh fish to its clients every day throughout the year in less than 24 hours. Due to the very slow growth of fish, the demand for their fish has exceeded the farmed quantities for years.

Fish grow slowly – the Fonda sea bass from Piran needs from 4 to 5 years to grow up to the average weight of 350 grams.

Fresh fish is best recognised for its gentle and pleasant aroma of the sea.

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