Slovenian tourism in numbers

In the year 2018 Slovenian tourism marked record numbers. The number of international arrivals continued and Slovenia was yet again above the European average.




Slovenia's the Hottest destination of the Year, STB nominated for the 2019 Virtuoso Tourism Board

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) again ranks among the best tourism boards in the world. At Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas Slovenia was pronounced the Hottest Destination of the Year. What is more, the association's agents from around the world nominated the STB for the coveted 2019 Virtuoso Tourism Board Award.


Upcoming business events

Visit Slovenian Tourist Board or Slovenian companies at business events.

MY WAY communications platform

The new strategic orientation of Slovenia as a tourist destination and changing travel habits have led to the development of the MY WAY communications platform, which is a new communications platform and updated design concept to support the promotion of Slovenia on foreign markets for the next three to five years.


Slovenia – European Region of Gastronomy 2021

The project ‘Slovenia -European Region of Gastronomy 2021’ is focused on improving the quality of life. It encompasses opportunities for education in healthy and sustainable living and the sustainable development of gastronomy. It enhances the national promotion of cuisine and gastronomy and creates synergies with local environments and cultures.


Travel Agent's Manual 2019

Travel Agent's Manual 2019

What are the tourist possibilities in Slovenia, where can you go to find particular information, what do you need to know about Slovenia? All of this can be found in a publication that is available here.

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