Development and innovative projects are the future of Slovenian tourism. Our development activities mainly encompass:

  • the preparation of strategic documents at the state level (marketing strategies),
  • promoting an increase in the quality of Slovenian tourist offerings using marketing standards,
  • the training and informing of providers, encouraging the horizontal integration of providers or networking within a product,
  • and encouraging sustainable development and stories of Slovenian tourism.


Within the international web portal for innovativeness in tourism AIRTH we offer a platform for the development and implementation of innovative products and approaches in tourism, as we are aware that this is the only way for us to create tourism products with a high added value.

Stories of Slovenian tourism

The umbrella story of Slovenian tourism is Green.Active.Healthy. SLOVENIA, which acts in support of the I FEEL SLOVENIA brand. This is a story of diverse Slovenia and its love of diversity. The umbrella story is supported by stories of main products and destinations, identified and developed within the framework of the “Stories in Slovenian Tourism” project.


Tourism products

Slovenia is clearly positioned as a green, active, and healthy boutique Central European destination located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the Alps and the Pannonian Plain; it has a recognisable and successful green brand with a strong positive emotional charge, which communicates the high-quality and individual experience of guests visiting Slovenia. In accordance with such positioning, we are developing umbrella products of Slovenian tourism: health and well-being, gastronomy, active holidays, towns and cities and culture, experiences in nature, niche products (cruising, gambling, etc.), and business tourism.


Sejalec & Snovalec

For more than a decade, the Slovenian Tourist Board has been promoting innovativeness in Slovenian tourism and supporting the development of innovative products and inventive projects. The Sejalec and Snovalec calls for applications awarding creative ideas and products of destinations and providers are in the forefront.


European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia

Slovenia boasts seven Destinations of Excellence, and fourteen destinations which made it to the final selection. Read more about the EDEN project used by the European Commission to increase the recognisability of developing European destinations, create the foundation for the exchange of good practice around Europe, and encourage integration among the selected destinations.


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