In 2006, the first Strategy for the Development of Gastronomy in Slovenia was prepared, defining priority measures for this product. The foundation of the strategy is the gastronomic pyramid, which defines 24 gastronomic regions of Slovenia with an inventory of typical foods, drinks and foods. In 2018, an Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomic Tourism of Slovenia 2019 -2023 was prepared, and in 2020 the updated and upgraded Pyramid of Gastronomy of Slovenia was published.

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Slovenia’s gastronomy development strategy

Action Plan for the Development and Marketing of Gastronomy Tourism 2019-2023

Slovenia for European Gastronomic Region 2021

Gastronomy is one of the key elements of the tourist offer and it greatly contributes to the promotion, recognition and reputation of the country and tourism. The Strategy for the Sustainable Growth of Slovenian Tourism 2017-2021 identified it as one of the key tourism products. In the field of gastronomic tourism, we want to gain greater visibility and position ourselves as the top gastronomic region in Europe, while at the same time we want to further develop and strengthen Slovenia's gastronomic offer. This can also be achieved by joining the European Region of Gastronomy (ERG). As an active member of the platform mentioned above, Slovenia successfully submitted its nomination book in 2018 and was awarded the title European Gastronomic Region 2021.

Slovenia’s Bid Book Taste Slovenia



In light of modern trends of the development of tourist offerings and considering the habits of potential tourists, Slovenia wishes to develop the offering of various products that are tailored to potential tourists, specific, and as recognisable as possible. Among these, hiking also has a significant role in the development of the offering of active relaxation and experiences in nature. In 2005, the Development Strategy for Hiking in Slovenia as a Tourist Product, which includes a number of strategic measures for increasing recognisability and quality, improving infrastructure, developing human resources, etc. in the field of hiking tourism, was introduced.

Now, the call to obtain the hiking and biking accommodation facility label is published and carried out by Hiking and Biking (Pohodništvo in kolesarjenje GIZ).

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Development Strategy for Hiking in Slovenia as a Tourist Product


For the purpose of enhancing biking as a tourist product, in recent years, the Slovenian Tourist Board has carried out a survey among bikers on selected Slovenian biking trails and the Development Strategy for Biking in Slovenia has been drafted.  This strategy includes a number of strategic measures, including the development of a biking trail network, the development of marketing standards and the biking brand, the establishment of a chain of biking service providers, and increasing the recognisability of Slovenia as a biking-friendly tourist destination.

Now, the call to obtain the hiking and biking accommodation facility label is published and carried out by Hiking and Biking (Pohodništvo in kolesarjenje GIZ).

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Development Strategy for Biking in Slovenia as a Tourist Product

Medical tourism

The Development and Marketing Strategy for Slovenian Natural Spas 2020 was created in active cooperation with and co-creation by Slovenian spas that are members of Slovenian Natural Spas (SSNZ), and it is a coordinated strategic framework for the operation of spas as a Slovenian tourist product until 2020.

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The Development and Marketing Strategy for Slovenian Natural Spas 2020

Cities, towns and culture

The Development and Marketing Strategy for Cultural Tourism in Slovenia combines two important and extensive topics. The purpose of the strategy was to prepare an analysis of the supply of and demand for cultural tourist services in Slovenia, carry out a comparative assessment (benchmark analysis) involving a few towns, regions, and countries with developed cultural tourism (and a developed strategy for such tourism), and based on these analyses, prepare proposals concerning how the marketing of this segment of the Slovenian tourist offerings can be enhanced in the future with the help of organisation and promotion.

For this purpose, two primary studies have been conducted: a) concerning the supply with the help of interviews, and b) concerning the demand with the help of surveys using an extended questionnaire by the ATLAS Association.

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Cultural tourism strategy

Accessible tourism

Accessible tourism is a developing field in tourism that enables people who require greater accessibility to use tourist services and products independently and with dignity. According to the data of the Premiki Institute, the general demand for accessible tourism encompasses 127.5 million people or €80 billion. The initial steps taken in the development of accessible tourism in Slovenia were related to health resorts, mainly regarding the rehabilitation of people with disabilities at such health resorts, and were not so much concerned with the tourist offerings for disabled people.

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Presentation of accessible tourism

Entertainment tourism

The development strategy for gambling provides an overview and an analysis of the situation regarding the organisation of gambling in Slovenia in the period of the past eight or ten years and an overview of the European gambling market and of the competition.

Below, the strategy defines the mission, the vision, and the strategic goals of gambling in Slovenia. Furthermore, it also stipulates the priority areas in gambling and the general development objectives that apply to the entire field of gambling, and special objectives for individual priority areas.

The Development Strategy for Gambling includes strategic approaches to particular systemic issues regarding the regulation of gambling, such as: the types of gambling, the ownership structure of concessionaires, gambling levies, the division of gambling levies, supervision, the policy of granting concessions, and the socially responsible provision of gambling services.

Moreover, the strategy defines the framework for the state’s activities and it provides basic guidelines for its measures in the field of gambling.

Due to the rapidly changing market conditions the Government will, if necessary, modify the strategy accordingly as it drafts a new Act.

Useful documents

Development Strategy for gambling in Slovenia


The Koper Maritime Passenger Terminal – CRUISE SLOVENIA project is a basis for the development of Slovenia as a cruise destination. The common interest of all partners/stakeholders is the fast and effective development of the project and maximising the positive economic effects for anyone who shows interest.

The vision of the project is to become a significant destination for cruise ships. As a new destination for cruise ships, Slovenia wishes to become recognisable among cruise providers and be known for its special offerings that do not have any competition in other passenger ports (destinations) in the Adriatic or the Mediterranean. The Koper Maritime Passenger Terminal wishes to develop into a home maritime passenger terminal (allowing passengers to embark and disembark) and not become a stopover port only. Therefore, it wishes to achieve even greater economic effects on tourism and beyond.

The further development of the project by the end of 2016 will be based on the FLY, STAY and CRUISE SLOVENIA marketing concept. This concept is related to the construction of the Koper Maritime Passenger Terminal.


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