What do we do?

Digital media, websites and applications, social networks, media library, marketing, publications etc.; this is the daily routine of the sector for the content and digital marketing of the Slovenian Tourist Board. We plan and implement promotion via digital and social media, we develop, design and edit the Slovenia.info website, newsletters, electronic and printed publications and other supporting marketing tools for user communication. These vary: from travellers that we wish to enthuse about Slovenia, to those who were here before and whom we want to attract again, from local to foreign journalists and influential figures to domestic tourism economy. 

We believe in telling inspiring stories about Slovenia as a tourist destination – on the web, on paper or on social networks.


We inspire

The Slovenia.info website focuses on fascinating high quality images of the beauties of Slovenia. We want to inspire visitors to the portal at first sight and we invite them to explore the website and then Slovenia in person by using creative, informative texts and speeches.




We create rich informative publications, which are printed or made available for browsing on the web.


Mobile applications help travellers to explore Slovenia and ensure that proper information is always at their fingertips.

We connect

We closely connect the website with social networks, to which we pay special attention keeping pace with the global trends. Creative messages, stunning photographs and publications of world media, and in particular an immediate and genuine contact with our followers provide a recipe for creating large yet connected communities. The common denominator of all our channels, which already have more than a million followers, is the recognisable #ifeelsLOVEnia label.

Follow our profiles on social networks. The first is intended for the general public and Twitter for Business and LinkedIn mostly to the business public.












We encourage

The hashtag #ifeelsLOVEnia has been used in online activities for several years now. We use it when posting on social media and we encourage others to do the same. Slovenia is the only country in the world with the word LOVE in its name, and love is exactly what you will feel wherever you go in this green country. Along with hospitality. And smiles. We believe there are at least two Million Reasons Why We Feel Slovenia. This is why we decided to launch a new summer campaign with this very name and spread the news about this unique phrase and its use, as well as to encourage everyone to share their memories, photos and videos on social media:


  • those who live in Slovenia and know it like the back of their hands,
  • those who co-create Slovenian tourism,
  • tourists who visit and explore Slovenia,
  • those with an influential online presence, media personalities and media houses.


Read more about our newest multimedia project and share with us why you feel Slovenia. Don’t forget: #ifeelsLOVEnia!


We inform

We prepare Stories from Slovenia, inspiring monthly newsletters which bring interesting and topical stories of Slovenian tourism all over the world. We highlight innovative products, we discover hidden corners and offer ideas for spending holidays in Slovenia. News from Slovenia is a newsletter informing the interested foreign public (media and tourist industry) twice a month of the key achievements, new developments and attractions of Slovenian tourism. It is published in English. TTA News is a weekly newsletter of the Tourist Press Agency (TTA), which informs the local public about the work of the Slovenian Tourist Board at home and abroad, it invites readers to tourist events, fairs and stock markets, it highlights new tourist products and it draws attention to domestic and foreign public tenders and more.

We create

We manage and fill up the Media Library with high quality and attractive photographs and video content. We use these to promote Slovenia as an attractive tourist destination in online and printed media, on social networks and elsewhere.


We cooperate with top domestic and foreign photographers and videographers, who capture the most beautiful scenes of Slovenian nature and urban centres on camera. Thematic invitations to tender ensure that the stories we communicate are furnished with high quality photos and video content. We follow trends, we reveal Slovenia to the world through world famous Instagram influential figures and we create 360° photos and time-lapse videos for an even more innovative user experience. You can view a selection of our video contents on our YouTube channel.

We promote

We follow trends and we create innovative digital campaigns with exceptional photos, video content and creative messages that write a story of Slovenia inviting with its amazing nature and vibrant urban centres. In 2019 we created 6 digital campaigns. The Global Digital Campaign MY WAY was carried out in 16 countries in six advertising waves, from 4 March 2019 to 15 November 2019.

With campaign, focused on the Austrian, German and Swiss markets and the visitors from the highest income brackets, i.e. the High-Value Traveller segment, we wished to increase Slovenia’s recognisability as a boutique destination offering five-star experiences. We are especially proud of two branded partnerships with National Geographic this year: The story of the four natural elements: air, water, earth, and fire & Waters of wellbeing.

Learn more about our digital campaigns at the link below. 


We educate

We share knowledge, new developments and trends with you, the co-creators of Slovenian tourism. In cooperation with renowned local and foreign experts in the area of digital communication, marketing, law, user experiences, social networks, in short all the areas intertwining with our work, we organise workshops and training events several times a year.


We are particularly proud of the Digital Academy of Slovenian Tourism, which was carried out for the fourth time in 2020. From this year on the Academy is part of our wider educational project Academy for marketing in tourism. You are invited to join us at one of the events.

We cooperate ... with you!

We know that a successful story of Slovenia as a recognisable and increasingly popular tourist destination can only be written with you included. We are glad to hear news about innovative tourist products and new developments which you create on the ground and which enrich the tourist offer of this green country. We invite you to submit special bids, which can then be promoted on the portal in the course of the digital campaign. You help us enrich the calendar of tourist events. Read the recommendations with regard to publications in our digital media and check other marketing opportunities to cooperate with the Slovenian Tourist Board. 

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Head of Digital Content Marketing Department

Ana Savšek


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