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Complement your Slovenian Incoming Workshop – SIW 2024 experience with a tour of your choice. The greatest Slovenian treasures await. How will you feel Slovenia?

PRE-SIW General Study Tour

First time with us? Get to know Slovenia even before your business meetings start.

 2-day excursion / 13 – 14 May 2024

SLOVENIA. MY WAY OF MAGIC. - The tour is fully booked

Welcome to a country that embraces you at every turn with lush greenery reflecting our commitment to sustainability. In this unique land, the Pannonian, Alpine, and Mediterranean worlds converge to create a tapestry of natural, cultural, and culinary richness.

  • Ljubljana, a great starting point to fall in love with Slovenia's special features,
  • Postojna Cave, where the cave railway has been operating for 140 years,
  • Piran, PortorožSečovlje salt pans, and charming coastal villages
  • Bled, an iconic island with a wishing bell in the middle of an Alpine lake, also the host of SIW 2024


We will kick off the SIW general pre-tour "My Way of Magic" in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, a lively green city combining the charm of a small capital and the self-confidence of large European cities. We will take a walk through the city centre, which is entirely closed for motorized traffic and ideal for admiring the vivid architecture and the green embankments of the Ljubljanica River.

Our next stop will be the Postojna Cave, the most captivating cave in the world and the largest show cave in Europe. While touring the 24-kilometre-long cave system, you will get to feel the magic of the underground world and experience a one-of-a-kind ride on the underground train, which has been operating since 1872.

After discovering the mysterious underground world and a tasty lunch, we will continue to the Slovenian Coast, where Piran awaits. This medieval town, whose architecture was influenced by its proximity to Venice, is without a doubt one of the most romantic, most preserved and most authentic Mediterranean towns. The strong historical influence is complemented by the Mediterranean ambience and various cultural attractions that are mostly linked to the tradition of salt making.

Overnight in Portorož.

The next morning, after some delicious breakfast, we will discover the green Istrian rural areas and learn about olive oil and truffles. Nothing better than to seize the day like the locals. If we're successful, we will also be able to taste what we'll find. 

After experiencing the local hospitality, we will head to Bledthe only Slovenian island, located in the middle of an emerald Alpine lake and this year`s proud host of Slovenian Incoming Workshop.

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

How to experience Slovenia? Through activities involving the greatest natural special features.

2-day excursion / 16 - 17 May 2024

Active tour: MY WAY OF A PERFECT VIEW. - The tour is fully booked

Slovenia is a green playground in the middle of Europe. Its diverse landscape offers a wide range of possibilities for active outdoor adventures that you will hardly find anywhere else.

  • Logar Valley, idyllic valley with an incredible natural backdrop where time stands still,
  • Golte Landscape Park, the perfect place for a break, relaxation & recreation​​​,
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana airport.

In the first part of the day, we will explore the magical Logar Valley, one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe. Tradition and nature coexist here and this exceptional valley was declared a landscape park in 1987 due to its many natural and cultural attractions. It contains 43 natural wonders, and the park itself is an ecologically important area. It is also part of the Natura 2000 area and it was awarded the Slovenia Green Park label. Definitely a place not to be missed! 

We will enjoy a full day of different activities, unforgettable local cuisine and green surroundings. Don't forget to bring proper shoes and extra clothes. 

Overnight in the embrace of mountains. 

The next morning we will take the longest cable car in Slovenia and in just 8 minutes we will ascent to 1.000 metres above sea level. The Golte Landscape Park is a popular spot for hikers, skiers, adrenaline junkies and visitors. An authentic guided forest adventure where we will get to know the skills and knowledge of our ancestors and, at least for a moment, forget about the routine of the modern world, awaits. Would you know how to survive in nature?

We will conclude our adventure with the tastes of Slovenian cuisine at the relaxed SIW picnic in the green park of Dvor Jezeršek.

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

Where will you be welcomed by healthy Slovenia? At spas and health resorts!

2-day excursion / 16 - 17 May 2024

Wellness tour: MY WAY OF CHILLING OUT.

Explore what the selected health resorts and wellness centres of this land that is rich in thermo-mineral waters have to offer. Already the Romans trusted the beneficial powers of these natural sources.

  • Otočec & Dolenjske Toplice, one of the oldest thermal spa resorts in Slovenia,
  • Thermana Laško, home of wellbeing, beekeeping and brewing,
  • Rimske Terme, where history and modernity meet,
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana airport.

On our wellness tour, we will first visit one of the dreamiest locations in Slovenia, the ideal backdrop for a perfect wedding - Otočec Castle. The only ‘water castle’ in Slovenia is a member of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux international association of hotels and restaurants, and is ranked in the very highest level of tourism destinations, even on a global scale in the world.

We will continue our journey to Dolenjske Toplice Spa Resort. In addition to various health, preventive, wellness programmes and water fun, this spa with a distinguished tradition, relaxation and satisfaction now also offers various mindfulness experiences. And because the world needs healthy and happy people, we will indulge also into some anti-stress relaxation. 

After lunch, the road will take us to Thermana Laško, which is located directly on the Savinja river and has evolved into one of the most modern centers of medical and wellness tourism in Slovenia. Dinner and overnight. 

The next morning, after breakfast, departure to Rimske Terme. The healing effects of thermal water were already known to the ancient Romans, who in 39 BC in this very place built pools with hot and cold water. Centuries have passed, and the popularity of miracle water springs has only been growing...

We will conclude our tour with the tastes of Slovenian cuisine at the relaxed SIW picnic in the green park of Dvor Jezeršek.

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

What is the taste of Slovenian culture? Combine the experience of gastronomic specialties with city sightseeing.

2-day excursion / 16 - 17 May 2024

Culture tour: MY WAY OF EXPERIENCING CULTURE. - The tour is fully booked

Discover the mysterious combination of cultural sights and natural patterns which have had their meeting point in Slovenia, at the crossroads of nations and regions, for centuries.

  • Nova Gorica, European capital of culture 2025,
  • Lipica, the largest Lipizzaner stud farm in the world,
  • Škocjan Caves, one of the most beautiful underground gems in the world,
  • green SIW picnic at Dvor Jezeršek not far from Ljubljana airport.

From Bled we will first head to Nova Gorica, Slovenia's youngest city, which together with its neighboring counterpart Gorizia, prepares to light up the European and global cultural stage as the cross-border European Capital of Culture 2025.

We will explore the city and the surroundings, treat ourselves to a delicious local lunch and end our day in Lipica, the largest Lipizzaner stud farm in the world. Overnight.

The next day, the road will take us to Škocjan Caves, a natural phenomenon of global significance, ranking side by side with the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, Mount Everest and others. The deepest and largest underground canyon in the world, a maze of underground galleries and a view of halls with wonderful stalactites and stalagmites will reveal to you a whole new dimension of your planet.

We will conclude our socializing with the tastes of Slovenian cuisine at the relaxed SIW picnic in the green park of Dvor Jezeršek.

POST-SIW Thematic Study Tours

1-day excursion / 16 May 2024


Your perfect opportunity to explore Bled and its surroundings. From the magnificent vistas to clear rivers and lakes, wide forests, and green nature. Topped-up with delicious local cuisine. A perfect day. 

We reserve the right to change or modify the tours.


SIW 2024

Slovenian Incoming Workshop, the flagship event of Slovenian tourism industry. Let's meet on 14 - 16 May 2024 in Slovenia!

SIW 2024



Lake Bled and a castle perched on a cliff is one of the most beautiful Alpine resorts in Europe.




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