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What is the Feel sLOVEni@ Online Training and who is it for?

It is the newcaptivating and playful way of exploring green Slovenia. 

The My Way of Escaping to Slovenia Online Training is designed as an online educational platform for foreign tour operators and travel agencies worldwide, that would like to gain new knowledge about Slovenia and share it with their clients. The captivating game presents in-depth information in an attractive and interesting manner, using online materials, tests, and regular knowledge assessment.

The purpose of the online training

My Way of Escaping to Slovenia Online Training offers a personalized experience of discovering Slovenia and planning a unique escape. It invites foreign tour operators and travel agencies to discover Slovenia's secrets in their own way, to enjoy its beauties, and to find inspiration for their next escape. It allows them to experience a virtual visit at their own pace, through experiential communication, and obtain the title of the "I feel Slovenia Certified Expert" at the end.

The My Way of Escaping to Slovenia online training aims to provide a playful and accessible presentation of Slovenia to travel agencies and tour operators that are interested in stories about this beautiful country. We would like to introduce Slovenia as a green, safe, active and unique destination in an innovative and playful manner.  Through videos and corresponding questions, the user learns about Slovenia as a whole, along with its main tourist attractions, hidden corners and activities that are available 365 days a year. By answering the questions correctly, the players gain points, which can bring them the title and certificate of an "I feel Slovenia Certified Expert" at the end. The game helps Slovenia fascinate visitors as the perfect destination for an escape from everyday life.

Why choose the My Way of Escaping to Slovenia online training?

The game’s attractiveness and its accessibility in any place at any time enable players to discover Slovenia from their office or even from their living room. We are aware that nothing can replace personal contact, which is why the game provides detailed information about the destination in a personal and entertaining manner.

In addition to exploring Slovenia, users can design their own escape (Escape Plan), i.e. an itinerary based on the information they found the most fascinating. After completing the training, they can read more about it and explore it in more depth. Players can design their own Escape Plan to use as a tour guide during a visit to Slovenia or share with their clients. Every travel agency or tour operator to obtain the "I feel Slovenia Certified Expert" certificate will have access to additional benefits.


Presentation of the rules of the game

The My Way of Escaping to Slovenia Online Training is both an educational and entertaining way of discovering Slovenia and its attractions.

Through a game, it:

  • presents you detailed information about Slovenia and its four macro destinations (Alpine Slovenia, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia);
  • unveils unique stories and experiences of Slovenian tourism within the Slovenia Unique Experiences label, introduces you to the European gastronomic destination 2021 and the national development and certification programme, i.e. the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism, which represents our commitment to sustainable tourism development and so much more;
  • allows you to design a personal Escape Plan for a future visit or presentation of the destination to clients;
  • awards the "I feel Slovenia Certified Expert" title to the best-participating tour operators and travel agencies.

In the game, you set out on a journey through our beautiful country, discover the stories of various destinations through videos and gain points by answering questions. At the end of the game, your effort and knowledge are awarded with the "I feel Slovenia Expert" certificate, which you can proudly show to your clients.

Discovering Slovenia through four macro destinations (Alpine Slovenia, Ljubljana & Central Slovenia, Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia)

Do you know Slovenia? The land of dragon "descendants", white horses, secret castle passageways, the world’s oldest grapevine, heart-shaped roads and emerald rivers, where love can be found in its very name. Fall in love with the green heart of Europe, where the high mountain world, thermal experiences in the Pannonian Plain, mysterious underworld of the Karst and the Mediterranean, and urban lifestyle in the capital of Ljubljana and its vicinity intertwine. 

Through the My Way of Escaping to Slovenia online training you obtain the "I feel Slovenia Expert" certificate so that you can share your newfound love with others.


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