Tourist arrivals and overnight stays

Below is statistical data on tourist arrivals and overnight stays according to the countries from which they come. The Tourism Barometer has been attached to the interim data, as it contains key information on tourists in Slovenia. The source of the data from the collection below is the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Statistical data 2018 - Januar - May 2018  (xls)


Overview of the 2017 tourist year

In the year 2017 Slovenian tourism marked record numbers. The number of international arrivals continued and with 18.3% more tourist arrivals compared to 2016, Slovenia was above the European average. In 2017  we achieved 4,95 milion tourist arrivals and 12,59 overnight stays, which is 14.6% more arrivals and 12.6% more overnight stays than in 2016.

Statistical data 2017 - monthly, yearly  (xls)

Publication Tourism in Numbers

Slovenian Tourism in Numbers is a publication issued annually by the Slovenian Tourist Board The publication was first issued in 2002. The basic sources for the publication include statistical data on tourism turnover obtained and published by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS) In 2016, tourism employed 12.9% of all employees and generated 8,1% of the total amount of Slovenian exports, contributing 12.6% to GDP. For the first time, over 11 million overnight stays of tourists were recorded, of which there were over 6 million in hotels. Foreign tourists generated 12.0% more revenue and 11.0% of overnight stays of tourists as in 2015. Growth was also recorded in overnight stays of domestic tourists, namely by 3.0%.

Slovenian Tourism in Numbers 2016

Publication It is nice everywhere

The purpose of this publication is to present in a simple and understandable way the main characteristics of Slovene tourism, and particularly to present all the richness of official statistical data on tourism that are regularly disseminated by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.


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