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Please note that STB will not cover any personal expenses (souvenirs, telephone calls, gas, mini bar, pay TV, beverages, snacks, etc.) during your stay. The STB covers the expenses agreed in advance and defined in the program only (accommodation, meals, entree fees, filming permits and other benefits mentioned in the program). In case STB will cover your flight expenses, once the flight tickets are purchased all additional expen of your flights are covered by journalist/social media influencers and not by STB.ses relative to changes


Please note that we are making direct costs to arrange your trip (such as ticket expenses etc.) and we are forced to forward 100% of the expenses made for cancellations received before departure. We recommend you to make sure you have all insurances in place so in case of sudden problems expenses or damages (such as booked tickets etc.) will be covered by your insurance company.

Follow up procedures

After completion of your press trip, sponsored by the STB we kindly ask you to: - Keep STB informed of your progress, upcoming publications/documentaries & activities - Provide STB with original publications of the published articles, video/tape (after transmission), links to the online articles etc. - Mentioning cooperating airlines/hotels in publications/documentaries & activities - If possible include I FEEL SLOVENIA logo and website www.slovenia.info in your publications/activities

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By submitting this form, I hereby allow the Slovenian Tourist Board, Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana, SI-Slovenija, (hereinafter: STB) to use my e-mail address in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette Rep. of Slovenia, 94/2007). The manager of the collection of data is the STB. The purpose of the data processing is periodical mediation of information or informing (by mail or e-mail) about important changes, analyses, new services, special offers and similar information of the portal of the STB and in the offer of Slovenian tourism. The user of gathered personal data is the STB, its representative offices and information centers. I hereby allow the Slovenian Tourist Board to provide me a subscription to Slovenian Tourist Board press newsletter. The gathering of personal data is voluntary. At any time I can view my personal data demand its rewriting, copying, completion, correction, blockage or deletion by sending a written request to the email address: info@slovenia.info. As the Personal Data Protection Act demands the personal consent of the individual for processing personal data, we ask you to consider that if this Statement of agreement comes to the STB by e-mail (without an electronic signature), the Slovenian Tourist Board will count that the person has given personal consent for processing his/her personal data, stated here.

By submitting this form, I hereby allow STB to forward my data only to those third parties (local tourism organisations and other providers) that will be clearly stated in my itinerary. The data will be forwarded in order to provide the necessary support with the organization of the study trip on the destinations included in the itinerary.