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The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is a national tourist board that plans and carries out the marketing of Slovenia’s comprehensive tourist products and services and ensures the sustainable development of Slovenian tourism. Its registered office is in Ljubljana, but it also has representative offices and information offices abroad: in Italy, Austria and Germany.

General information

Slovenian Tourist Board
Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Registration number: 6889859000 
Tax ID number: 93477902 
Phone no.: +386 1 589 85 50 
e-mail address: info(at)slovenia.info

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Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board

MSc. Maja Pak Olaj


e-mail address: sto.gp(at)slovenia.info

Green boutique tourism, sustainable, responsible and inclusive business and conduct, and added value for all who are involved in tourism. Responsibility to tourists, employees and the local community.

This is the vision for Slovenia as a tourist destination that has been developed and realised by Msc. Maja Pak, the director of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO), with a dedicated team and more than twenty years of experience of working in tourism. "Tourism is an exceptionally dynamic field in which eight-hour workdays do not exist. I enjoy my work, it fills me with energy, positivity and new ideas," Pak says of her daily commitments. Numerous international recognitions and awards, exceptional media exposure and numerous successfully implemented projects in recent years attest to Slovenia becoming not only a globally recognised tourist destination of extraordinary experiences, but also a trendsetter and a provider of best practices in the development of sustainable tourism. This has earned it the title of green destination, the first in the world, and enabled it to become an international example of best practice in the promotion of the development and implementation of sustainable tourism.Sustainable and digital breakthroughs are among the key priorities of the STO for competitive, successful and resilient tourism.

Nuša Zajc, Head of the Administration
tel.: 01 589 85 50
e-mail address: nusa.zajc(at)slovenia.info

Digital Content Marketing Department

Ana Savšek, Head of Department

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 82 04
e-mail address: ana.savsek(at)slovenia.info

Digital media, websites and applications, social networks, media library, marketing, publications etc.; this is the daily routine of the Digital Content Marketing Department. They plan and implement promotion via digital and social media, develop, design and edit the Slovenia.info website, newsletters, electronic and printed publications and other supporting marketing tools for user communication. These are the tasks of a “bold, adept team, which is constantly keeping pace with trends and seeking the best creative solutions”.  Head of Department Ana Savšek believes that “the opportunity to cooperate with global multinational companies and create good visible projects” is a satisfying challenge.

Research and Development

Barbara Zmrzlikar, Head of Department

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 58
e-mail address: barbara.zmrzlikar(at)slovenia.info

What the market profiles of guests who visit Slovenia are, how to get closer to them and how to design tourist products relevant to them. How to develop Slovenian tourism in a way that will produce financial effects and not have any negative impacts on the environment. These are key challenges taken on by the Research, Development, Innovation, and EU Projects Department headed by Barbara Zmrzlikar. With a vision of 100 per cent green Slovenia in mind, they devised an internationally recognised certification scheme Slovenia Green and regularly exchange new breakthroughs in Slovenian tourism at the Department's development think tank. Learn about the Snovalec and Sejalec, EDEN and Tourism in numbers. As frequently said by "developers", let the green mindset guide you.

Business Communication Department

Karmen Novarlič, Head of Department

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 42
e-mail address: karmen.novarlic(at)slovenia.info

The dynamic, experienced and smiling team of the Business Communication Department headed by Karmen Novarlič is the team that presents Slovenia and its tourist products and business opportunities to the world. They plan and carry out presentations at largest world tourism fairs and exchanges, where Slovenia is always exceptionally visited and commended for its innovative presentations. The peaks of each business year are two largest business events in Slovenian tourism – the Slovenian Incoming Workshop and Days of Slovenian Tourism. The team prepares and carries out tourist workshops, study trips and other business events on European and selected distant markets. Business events are intended for travel organisers, travel agencies, airlines and other members of the business public that significantly influence the enhancement of foreign tourist arrivals to Slovenia.


Corporate Public Relations

Martina Gojkošek

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 66
e-mail address: martina.gojkosek(at)slovenia.info

Global public relations and Marketing
e-mail address: press(at)slovenia.info

The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) plays an important marketing, planning and development role in Slovenian tourism. "We are in constant contact with a wide range of stakeholders in the industry - from governmental and other public institutions, to tourism associations and businesses, destinations and educational institutions, to the media and the general public. Professional, transparent and clear communication with all these stakeholders is key to building trust and, as a result, good relations," says Martina Gojkošek, Head of Corporate Communications. Corporate communications build the visibility and positive image of the STB, as well as Slovenian tourism, in a sincere and genuine way, both domestically and internationally. Only together can we build tourism that creates more value for all.

Domestic Public Relations

Livija Kovač Kostantinovič

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 65
e-mail address: livija.kovac(at)slovenia.info

Domestic public relations and Marketing
e-mail address: pr(at)slovenia.info

"Public relations are an attractive and dynamic field. No two days are the same, which makes me and my colleagues face new challenges time and time again," says about her days Livija Kovač Kostantinovič, Head of Domestic Public Relations, who together with her colleagues is responsible for marketing and communication activities of the STB in the domestic market, informs the Slovenian public about STO activities abroad and provides communication support during major events in the Slovenian tourism sector. They organise press conferences, provide answers to journalists' questions and prepare press releases on the work and activities of the STB. Are you familiar with sharing topical news from the tourism sector with the weekly newsletter of the Tourist Press Agency (TTA in Slovene language)? These topics are also created here, all in order to present Slovenia as "a top green and boutique five-star destination."

Department for Legal Affairs, HR and Technical Services

Alenka Malenšek Breznik, Head of Department

Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 93
e-mail address: alenka.malensek-breznik(at)slovenia.info

"A professional team of experts is willing to resolve the most demanding questions in their work area,” says Alenka Malenšek Breznik, Head of Department for Legal Affairs, HR and Technical Services, about her team. They prepare legal opinions and provide expert assistance in drafting contracts and other documents. They also prepare internal general and individual acts of the Agency and provide expert assistance for the management of public procurements, requests and calls for tenders. The team manages Human resources, implements professional training, career planning for their employees, and ensures that regulations regarding health and safety at work are complied with. They harmonise materials for Agency Council sessions and are responsible for the management of the Agency’s assets and IT. They take a holistic approach to sustainable development and business. Their operations are guided by concern for the environment, society, and Slovenian economic development. They operate in a good stewardship manner, with a clear strategy and targeted use of resources for concrete impacts in the Slovenian tourism sector and they strive for socially responsible marketing and promotion in tourism and promote environmental behaviour among the employees, the Slovenian tourism economy, destinations, tourists and other stakeholders. What is the greatest challenge and joy in their work? “Working in a developing and interesting sector, and concluding partnerships with various stakeholders, which adds to successful synergies and joint stories.”

Finance and Accounting Department

Ana Gračanin, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 94
e-mail address: ana.gracanin(at)slovenia.info

In the Financial and Accounting Department, Ana Gračanin and her colleagues are responsible for the Agency's liquidity and the implementation of its financial supervision, keep the Agency's books and accounts, and perform daily financial transactions, prepare financial plans, analyses and other reports on financial operations for the needs of the Agency. All this with a smile on their faces and most certainly, in the greenest and most blossoming office of the STB.


Distribution centre of STB

Oppening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
Address: Brnčičeva 51, 1231 Ljubljana
Phone no.: ++386 1 500 08 70
fax: ++386 1 500 08 72
e-mail address: distribucijski.center@slovenia.info

Representative offices of the Slovenian Tourist Board abroad

The representative offices of the STB abroad offer support in promoting and marketing Slovenian tourism in foreign markets.

Slowenisches Tourismusbüro
Opernring 1/R/4/447, A-1010 Wien
Žana Marijan, Head of the Representative Office in Austria
Phone no.: ++43 1 7154 010
e-mail address: zana.marijan(at)slovenia.infoslowenien.at(at)slovenia.info 

The visibility and promotion of Slovenia on the Austrian market are ensured by the representative office team of the STB in Vienna, which is led by Žana Marijan. The main areas of their activity are providing information to Austrian tourists and collaborating with tour operators and travel agencies, as well as advertising and public relations.

Slowenisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
Maximiliansplatz 12 a, D-80333 München
Rebeka Kumer Bizjak, Head of the Representative Office in Germany
Phone no.: ++49 89 29 16 12 02
e-mail address: rebeka.kumerbizjak(at)slovenia.infoslowenien.de(at)slovenia.info

Passion, commitment and drive to do more are the characteristics that best describe the representative office team of the Slovenian Tourist Board in Germany, which is led by Rebeka Kumer Bizjak. She is glad to have the opportunity to work with people who sincerely believe in Slovenia as a tourist destination, and considers the integration of people and products and thereby repositioning of Slovenia on this market to be the main challenge. In addition to performing daily tasks such as promotional activities, event organisation, advertising campaigns on the German market and cooperation with German and Swiss partners and media, the representative office has an important role in promoting and presenting the Slovenian tourism industry at one of the world’s largest tourist exchanges, ITB Berlin.

Ente Sloveno per il Turismo Italia
Galleria Buenos Aires 1, I-20124 Milano
Aljoša Ota, Head of the Representative Office in Italy


Phone no.: ++39 0229 51 11 87
e-mail address: aljosa.ota(at)slovenia.infomilano(at)slovenia.info

Good organisation, design and planning are the key to success guiding the work of the STB representative office in Milan from the beginning of each working day. Head of the Representative Office Aljoša Ota considers teamwork and exchange of views very important for successful operation. In their work, they strive for the best way of carrying out projects and ensuring their highest possible quality, be it cooperation with Italian business partners, promotional activities at various fairs, presentations and other events in Italy and Slovenia or the organisation of workshops in Italy and study tours for journalists, tour operators and agencies.


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