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Tourism is people. The registered offices of the Slovenian Tourist Board are in Ljubljana, but it also has representative offices and information offices abroad: in Italy, Austria, Germany, and in the United Kingdom. Learn about us and contact us for more information.

General information

Slovenian Tourist Board
Dimičeva 13, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Registration number: 6889859000 
Tax ID number: 93477902 
Phone no.: +386 1 589 85 50 
e-mail address: info(at)slovenia.info





Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board

Msc. Maja Pak
e-mail address: sto.gp(at)slovenia.info

Nuša Zajc, Head of the Cabinet
tel.: 01 589 85 50
e-mail address: nusa.zajc(at)slovenia.info

As Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board, Maja Pak is in charge of the management of business and human resources policy. She prepares the STB's annual programme of work, the annual report and the medium-term marketing plan for Slovenian tourism. Ms Pak has over 20 years' experience in tourism.

Digital Content Marketing Department

Alenka Pahor Žvanut, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 61
e-mail address: alenka.pahor-zvanut(at)slovenia.info

Rebeka Kumer Bizjak, Global public relations
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 12
e-mail address: rebeka.kumer(at)slovenia.info

The Digital Content Marketing Department plans and carries out promotional activities, mainly for the end user, through digital media, social networks, and digital media buying. It is responsible for developing and maintaining the slovenia.info website and other modern digital applications. It designs, maintains, and develops supporting digital marketing tools for communicating with users. The Department also develops and manages relationships with foreign press and other members of the public. It publishes electronic and printed publications and other promotional materials and products for promoting Slovenia as a tourist destination abroad.

Research, Development, Innovation, and EU Projects Department

Nataša Hočevar, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 58
e-mail address: natasa.hocevar(at)slovenia.info

The Research, Development, Innovation, and EU Projects Department carries out activities focused on acquiring, analysing, and providing information on tourism in order to support a more effective development and marketing of Slovenian tourism. The development activities include the drafting of strategic documents and annual marketing programmes, promoting the increase in the quality of the Slovenian tourist offerings by enhancing the development of tourist products and sustainable tourism and promoting the innovativeness of product design. The Department also monitors, plans, coordinates, and carries out European and other projects.

Business Communication Department

Karmen Novarlič, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 42
e-mail address: karmen.novarlic(at)slovenia.info

Business Communication Department plans and carries out the promotion of Slovenia as a tourist destination at trade shows, business exchanges, tourism workshops, excursions, and other business events in European and selected distant markets. Business events are intended for travel organisers, travel agencies, airlines, and other members of the business public that significantly affect the enhancement of foreign tourist arrivals to Slovenia.

Corporate PR Department

Livija Kovač Kostantinovič
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 65
e-mail address: livija.kovac(at)slovenia.info

Global public relations and Marketing
e-mail address: press(at)slovenia.info

The Corporate PR Department is in charge of STO’s marketing and communication activities for the domestic market; it informs the Slovenian public of STO activities abroad and provides communication support during major events in the Slovenian tourism sector. The Department organises press conferences on topical issues in the tourism industry, provides information to journalists and prepares press releases on the work and activities of STO while providing communication support during STO’s most important events and activities. It is also responsible for preparing and issuing TUR!ZEM, STO’s free trade magazine for management and marketing in tourism, and for sharing topical news from the tourism sector with the weekly newsletter of the Tourist Press Agency (TTA).

Department for Legal Affairs, HR and Technical Services

Alenka Malenšek Breznik, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 93
e-mail address: alenka.malensek-breznik(at)slovenia.info

The Department for Legal Affairs, HR and Technical Services is responsible for legal transactions, HR policy as well as professional and technical issues. It drafts internal general and individual acts of the Agency and provides professional assistance in the management of public procurements, calls and tenders. It prepares legal opinions and offers professional assistance in the drafting of contracts and other documents. It is in charge of HR management, conducts procedures in employment relationships, employee education programmes, professional training and capacity building; and monitors employees’ career paths and oversees the implementation of regulations on health and safety at work. The Department also coordinates materials for Agency Council sessions and participates in them, and is responsible for the management of the Agency’s assets and the safekeeping of its documentary and archival materials.

Finance and Accounting Department

Ana Gračanin, Head of Department
Phone no.: ++386 1 589 85 94
e-mail address: ana.gracanin(at)slovenia.info

The Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for the Agency's liquidity and the implementation of its financial supervision; it keeps the Agency's books and accounts and performs daily financial transactions, prepares financial plans, analyses and other reports on financial operations for the Agency’s requirements.

Distribution centre of STB

Oppening hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00.
Address: Brnčičeva 51, 1231 Ljubljana
Phone no.: ++386 1 500 08 70
fax: ++386 1 500 08 72
e-mail address: distribucijski.center@slovenia.info

Representative offices of the Slovenian Tourist Board abroad

The representative offices of the STB abroad offer support in promoting and marketing Slovenian tourism in foreign markets.

Slowenisches Tourismusbüro
Opernring 1/R/4/447, A-1010 Wien
Jan Ciglenečki, Head of the Representative Office in Austria
Phone no.: ++43 1 7154 010
e-mail address: jan.ciglenecki(at)slovenia.info, slowenien.at(at)slovenia.info

Slowenisches Fremdenverkehrsamt
Maximiliansplatz 12 a, D-80333 München
Majda Rozina Dolenc, Head of the Representative Office in Germany
Phone no.: ++49 89 29 16 12 02
e-mail address: majda.dolenc(at)slovenia.infoslowenien.de(at)slovenia.info

Ufficio del Turismo Sloveno
Galleria Buenos Aires 1, I-20124 Milano
Aljoša Ota, Head of the Representative Office in Italy
Phone no.: ++39 0229 51 11 87
e-mail address: aljosa.ota(at)slovenia.infomilano(at)slovenia.info

Information office of the Slovenian Tourist Board abroad

The information office of the STB abroad offer support in promoting and establishing contact between the British and Irish markets and Slovenian tourist offerings.

Great Britain
Information Office in London
17 Dartmouth Street, SW1H 9BL London
Mladen Ljubišić, Head of the Information Office in London
Phone no.: ++44 20 7227 97 13
e-mail address: mladen.ljubisic(at)slovenia.info, london(at)slovenia.info


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