Equestrianism elsewhere in Slovenia

In addition to the elegant Lipizzaner horses, you can also learn about other horse breeds in Slovenia and about equestrianism in general. Particularly interesting are the Ljutomer trotters, which are racing horses. Ljutomer, their home town, hosts ten international races annually. Discover other equestrian experiences in Slovenia as well!



Take a carriage through the landscape of the Lipizzaner horses

The visit to the estate in Lipica can be even more enjoyable if you take a carriage ride. Friendly carriage drivers and elegant Lipizzaner horses will take you on pleasant paths, where you can observe herds of horses and the green landscape. Carriages drawn by Lipizzaner horses are also available for special photo shoots – at weddings, for example.

From Lipica to other Karst area experiences

Your path to Lipica will also take you through Sežana, one of the larger towns in the green Karst Region. In Sežana, you can visit the botanical gardens, and the Karst Living Museum with typical karst phenomena, themed and recreational trails awaits you between Sežana and Lipica. The Vilenica Cave is also located in the vicinity. This is the oldest tourist cave in Europe.

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Holiday for equestrianism enthusiasts

Lovers of equestrianism who visit Lipica in order to horseback ride and master riding lessors can stay at the Maestoso Hotel when in Lipica. This hotel was named after one of the renowned lines of the Lipizzaner horses. The Lipica Golf Course is in the vicinity of the hotel as well.

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Lipica for children and families

In addition to the Lipizzaner horses, the youngest visitors to the Stud Farm can also learn about ponies and ride them among goats and sheep with a guide. Occasionally, they can even take them out to the pastures to meet Lipizzaner horses and their foals. Special programmes for families take place on the estate.


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You will love the wonderful green nature, crystal clear waters and the amazing wonders of nature. Find your inspiration and relaxation in the idyllic environment of green Slovenia. 

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