Equestrianism and horseback riding in Slovenia have a centuries-old tradition thanks to the Lipica Stud Farm, the cradle of the world-famous  Lipizzaner horses.  Numerous equestrian centres, tourist farms and ranches offer you the experience of Slovenia in the saddle. You can go horseback riding in the fenced areas of farms, or guides can take you to meadows and forests. You can also go riding in the landscape of nature parks and in the Triglav National Park. Lengthier horseback riding tours are also available. 

Visit Lipica, the place of Slovenian equestrian pride

Horse lovers must not miss a tour of the Lipica Stud Farm, where the noble white horses known as Lipizzaners  have been raised for more than four hundred years. Lipizzaners delight fans of classical riding according to the principles of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, with sport dressage and horse-drawn rides. Today, Lipica is an important tourist centre that, in addition to horseback riding courses, tours of training sessions, performances, and important international equestrian events, also enables unique tours of the karst landscape from the saddle. 

From performances to courses, from horseback riding to taking carriage rides

If you do not know how to ride, equestrian centres and ranches provide beginners’ and advanced courses and courses in dressage. In many places, ponies are available for children, but there is an increased number of riding clubs that also offer riding on Icelandic horses. Most equestrian centres also offer carriage rides. These are also available in many tourist towns in Slovenia, e.g. at Lake Bled. 

Visit harness races in Ljutomer

An important equestrian and horseback riding town in Slovenia is Ljutomer, where the  Ljutomer trotter was developed over the centuries. These are fast horses used for harness racing. At the hippodrome in Ljutomer, ten important  harness races take place. A visit to the hippodrome is a popular Sunday pastime of the locals, and visitors also like to watch the training of the trotters and visit the Ljutomer Trotter Museum.  

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