To Whom It Is Intended?

Accessible tourism includes tourism for locomotor and sensory impaired persons, persons with intellectual and mental impairments, those who travel with children in baby carriages, elderly persons and others who find tourism less accessible due to other health reasons (diabetes, allergies, etc.).

What Can You Expect?

All public buildings and tourist facilities, which are still without an arranged access for disabled persons, generally have at least a few reserved parking spaces for disabled persons at the entrances. In these buildings, it is usually also well provided for the toilet facilities of disabled persons. Pavements, which are friendlier to the disabled persons, have been built in many Slovenian cities. There are also an increasing number of ATMs positioned at a lower height levels and those equipped with Braille for the blind and partially sighted. The disabled persons receive discounts for many tourist tours and visits, while some are even free.

Accessible tourist destinations

Slovenia has locations which are partly of fully adjusted to the needs of physically impaired persons. Certain tourist providers pride themselves on the "Disability Friendly" Certificate. These include numerous restaurants, hotels, spas and health resorts, museums and attractions. You can find some tips for trips below; most of them have been tried out and are also personally recommended by disabled people themselves.

The Slovenian capital – disabled-friendly

The main rail station in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is friendly to physically impaired people. There are already many city buses with low floors and sound signals providing the names of stop along the route. Ljubljana Castle, one of the most visited Slovenian tourist attractions, is accessible by a disabled-friendly funicular. Ljubljana Zoo is also friendly to disabled people and so is the main city post office. Certain museums and galleries are also wheelchair accessible. 

Explore the underground wonders

The beauty of Slovenia is hidden below the earth’s surface too. Certain caves also enable access to the disabled visitors. The most frequented Slovenian tourist attraction, Postojna Cave, has arranged parking areas, accesses and adjusted toilet facilities that are available to visitors in wheelchairs. Friendly staff help visitors board a small tourist train, which then takes them underground. You can learn about the history of exploring the caves and other Karst phenomena at the exhibition collection EXPO Postojna Cave Karst, located in a new building near the entrance to the cave, which is fully adjusted to wheelchairs. Škocjan Caves are also among the most beautiful Karst caves. Access to the underground by wheelchair is not possible due to the terrain; however, physically impaired visitors can still admire the underground masterpieces made by nature. Special virtual headsets enable an insight into the caves to those who cannot descend physically underground. 

Experience the everyday life of the Velenje miners

Learn about the everyday life of former miners and visit the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia in Velenje, and enjoy a miner’s lunch in the deepest dining room in Slovenia. The Museum is well-adapted for wheelchairs and enables access to almost all sections of the Museum with toilet facilities for the disabled. A special model is available to visually impaired visitors, who can get an idea of the layout of the Museum through touch.

Breathe in the smell of blooming gardens

What could be nicer than a stroll in green nature among colourful flowers? In Slovenia, you can experience the most beautiful flowering plantations from a wheelchair too. In addition to its luscious plant species, image of a former castle park and magnificent views of the surrounding peaks, Arboretum Volčji Potok surprises every year with special exhibitions, e.g. dinosaurs, life-size whales etc. Three wheelchairs are available in Mozirski Gaj, which can be used by physically impaired or older visitors, who find it difficult to walk around the park. Visit the Tropical Garden in Dobrovnik, which for the most part is wheelchair accessible. 

A stroll along the water

Experience the idyllic picture of Bled. The path around the lake is for the most part suitable for wheelchairs. Take a pleasant stroll in the nearby Šobec Camp. Walking paths are paved or covered with compacted macadam on which wheelchairs can be used. The walking surfaces are similar at Lake Zbilje, an artificial lake on the River Sava near Ljubljana.

Among vine-growing hills and castle walls

Drink a toast with top-quality wine from the Zlati Grič Wine Cellar, which is also a true treasury that can be accessed by the disabled. In addition to a wheelchair accessible wine cellar, the viewing and other attractions are adapted for their physically impaired visitors. Near Ptuj, the oldest Slovenian town, you can find Ormož Castle, which is one of the few castles equipped with a lift enabling disabled access to the upper floors.

Follow the scent of the Mediterranean

Be seduced by the aroma of salt. Visit the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and learn about the rich, over 700-year-old tradition of salt production in this part of Slovenia. Some paths are also suitable for wheelchairs. The multimedia centre at Lera, the store and coffee shop with toilet facilities for the disabled are also wheelchair accessible. You can spend a carefree seaside holiday at the Paraplegic Home in Pacug, where, in addition to accommodation with suitable access and infrastructure, various treatments and activities adjusted to people with reduced mobility are also available.

When driving inland, do not miss out on the peculiarities of the Karst. Štanjel is one of the most picturesque settlements in the Karst. In its vicinity, you will find a tourist farm, Hiša posebne sorte (House of a Special Kind), which is considered a true example of accommodation friendly to disabled people and prides itself on the golden “Disability Friendly" Certificate. Fall in love with the beautiful white Lipizzaner horses and visit the Lipica Stud Farm, which is fully accessible and adjusted to the needs of physically impaired visitors.

Find health and well-being in spas and health resorts

Slovenian natural spas and health resorts have great consideration for the disabled. Laško must be mentioned in particular, because it earned the title of the European Destination of Excellence with its planned development of accessible tourism. Thermana Laško and Rimske Terme have suitably arranged accesses for physically impaired guests. The blind and partially sighted can bring their guide dogs to the hotel, and the park with honey-bearing plants in Laško is equipped with signs in Braille. Portable induction loops are available at Thermana Laško for guests with impaired hearing. Also adjusted to the needs of physically impaired guests is Terme Dobrna, while access to the swimming pool is also possible in Terme Zreče and Rogaška Slatina

Take a trip on the Banjšice and Trnovo Plateau

Discover the beauty of the plateau enticing with magnificent nature, pleasant secluded areas and excellent views. Listen to the murmuring of leaves while going through the forest, indulge in the relaxing shades of colour and enjoy the smell of green nature and its gifts. Irrespective of the visitor’s disability, everyone is sure to find the perfect trip for themselves on the plateau

Accessible tourism in the embrace of the Green Karst

Youth Hostel Ars Viva is the first youth hostel in Slovenia fully adjusted to the needs of disabled visitors. It opens its doors to everyone, but is particularly disability friendly. The diverse cultural happenings focus fully on accessible tourism. The hostel also intends to expand its offer in the field of sport: their goal is to provide their physically impaired guests with an opportunity to cycle.

Explore the Beauties of Nature and Culture

See the numerous sights of Slovenia, visit cultural events, let yourself be pampered at the thermal spas, and let your path bring you to great taverns as well.

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