Alpine Slovenia is a world of friendly and accessible mountains and hills. Hiking and biking trails take you across the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Pohorje Hills to the highest peaks, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy ski resorts. On the one hand, natural treasures of the highest peaks, green valleys and the most beautiful Slovenian lakes are protected by the fairy tale Goldhorn, while on the other, dome-shaped hills meet the town with the oldest vine in the world.


Destinations with an Alpine character

TOP 5 experiences in the Alpine Slovenia

The vibrant vibe of the Alpine pearl Bled, the peaceful moments of authentic contact with nature in the Triglav National Park, a rush of refreshing experiences on the Soča River, magnificent views from the high Alpine mountaintops and an unforgettable view of the green Logar Valley. Experience the full beauty of the Alpine Slovenia.


Experience the very best! 

Are you ready to experience something special, something that you won’t be able to find anywhere else? Choose unique boutique five-star experiences in Alpine Slovenia, which you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your lives.

Green Facts

Slovenia writes a green story. Feel it at every step.

Due to its position, Kranjska Gora falls under the Julian Alps, the first biosphere reserve in Slovenia.

Nature bestowed Koroška with forests, as almost 70 % of the Koroška territory is covered by forests.

On the initiative launched by Slovenia, the UN proclaimed as World Bee Day 20th May, which is the birth date of the pioneer of modern beekeeping Anton Janša, who you can get to know better in the Museum of Apiculture.

The old town centre of Kranj has its own Kranvaj, i.e. an electric shuttle.

First hand Alps

Vistas from the Alpine mountaintops of the green valley, where mountain villages and charming towns rest peacefully. Clear rivers and lakes sparkling in the sun. Wide forests, full of life and seductive secrets inviting you to explore them. All these are the treasures of Alpine Slovenia calling to adventures in nature.

Surrender to adventures

Let your hair down and surrender to the adventures of Alpine Slovenia! Walk through the kingdom of the goldhorn, ride the museum train on the scenic Bohinj railway line, and embark on an underground adventure to remember.

Book your adventure

Breathe in the fresh mountain air, feel the drops of crystal clear water on your skin and enjoy the splendid views of the green landscape. Choose and book your holiday today!

From 67,00 € Winter package at the Tabor Hotel

Winter package at the Tabor Hotel

Winter holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

A winter fairy tale in Maribor lit up for the holidays and on the white slopes of Maribor Pohorje. W

Podhostnik d.o.o. Maribor
From 350,00 € Happy Day

Happy Day

Persons: 2 Nights: 1

If you are looking for mind and body comfort, look no further and let us satisfy your senses.

Raduha House Luče
From 348,00 € Family ski holiday

Family ski holiday

Winter holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 2

It is like a fairy tale here at Pri Lipi. Tasting traditional food, sleeping in Carinthian ‘štiblc’

Koroška hiša Pri lipi, Helena Kresnik Pažek s.p. Muta
From 359,00 € Skiing and Wine Experiences in Maribor

Skiing and Wine Experiences in Maribor

Winter holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

The Maribor Pohorje Hills offers 40 km of ski slopes and the longest night-skiing slope, for beginne

Hotel Betnava Maribor

Discover other regions

From Alpine Slovenia you can also set out to other Slovenian regions. Relax in the healing waters among the vineyard hills of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia, explore the secrets of the karst world, experience the diversity of the Slovenian coast and taste the gastronomy of the Vipava Valley and of Brda in Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia. Visit the green capital of Ljubljana and other interesting towns of Central Slovenia and enter the kingdom of the brown bear in the Kočevsko region.

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