A hike with "sheep salting" above Češka koča

Place: Zgornje Jezersko Season: Summer Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 7 hours Number of people: 2 - 20
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English, German Type of experience: Outdoor Contact:
Šenkova domačija, Polona Virnik Karničar n.d.d.k
Zgornje Jezersko 140
4206 Zgornje Jezersko
+386 41 467 008
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A hike with "sheep salting" above Češka koča

A hike on centuries-old Jezersko shepherding trails with an experienced mountaineer.

Slovenia unique experience

Going on a hike with a top-notch Alpinist to feed salt to the native Jezersko–Solčava sheep 

The first-class Alpine climber and mountain rescuer Drejc of the famous Karničar family will take you to the pastures under the north face of Grintovec, where the sheep from Šenk Homestead graze in summer. Drejc is a living encyclopaedia of mountaineering. His stories are the most authentic way of learning about the joys and tribulations of life in the mountains. On the rubbly slopes of Spodnje Ravni and Zgornje Ravni above Češka koča mountain hut, you will search out the flock of Jezersko-Solčava sheep and offer them salt to lick from your hand.  

Before returning to the valley, you will stop for a warm shepherd's meal on the terrace of Češka koča. This oldest Slovenian mountain hut has maintained its original form. It was built in 1900 and is still a symbol of Czech-Slovenian cooperation and friendship. Drejc has spent a great part of his life in this mountain shrine and will tell you many an anecdote about various mountaineering escapades. 

What to expect from the experience:

  • The get acquainted meeting at the Šenk Homestead. For this hike, you need a bit of experience of walking on rubbly terrain, high hiking boots, weather-resistant clothing and something to drink. 
  • A hike to sheep pastures. The trail leads from the Šenk Homestead to Ravenska Kočna and Štularjeva planina, then past Češka koča to Spodnje Ravni and/or Zgornje Ravni where you will search out sheep and feed them salt. In the last part of the hike, you will often need to stray from the marked path. During the hike, the guide will tell you about the shepherding tradition in Jezersko, the indigenous Jezersko-Solčava breed and the importance of sheep-breeding today. 
  • Feeding salt to sheep at Spodnje Ravni or Zgornje Ravni above Češka koča. 
  • A warm shepherd's meal at Češka koča. 
  • Return to the Šenk Homestead.

soljenje ovc

Schedule: in summer, once per week, usually every Wednesday, or by prior arrangement 

Starting point: Šenk Homestead, Zgornje Jezersko 140, 4206 Zgornje Jezersko

Price: €65; €32 for children 8–12 years

The price includes:

  • a hike guided by an experienced mountaineer,
  • the experience of feeding salt to sheep,
  • a shepherds 's meal at Češka koča,
  • a gift.

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Šenkova domačija, Polona Virnik Karničar n.d.d.k
Zgornje Jezersko 140
4206 Zgornje Jezersko
+386 41 467 008


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Did you know?

The more than 500 years-old Šenk Homestead is considered a pearl of Alpine architecture and has been protected as a cultural monument of national importance since 1949. It was awarded a Stele Commendation (2021) and Constructive Alps award (2022) for its architectural renovation.

The hike guide, Drejc Karničar, made Slovenian Alpine climbing history in 1995, when he and his brother reached the summit of Annapurna I (8091 m). They were the first Slovenians to conquer the peak and the first in the world to descend it on skis.

Jezersko is the first Slovenian member of the international network of Mountaineering Villages (Bergsteigerdörfer). This network connects places with a rich mountaineering tradition and authentic cultural heritage that are dedicated to the sustainable development of the region and tourism in accordance with the principles of the Alpine Convention.

Every year on the second Sunday in August, there is a Sheep Ball in Jezersko. This is the oldest Slovenian ethnographic event, presenting old mountain life and customs, the return of sheep from the pastures and activities related to wool production.

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