Flight to the tannery of Europe

Place: Šoštanj Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, approximately 4 hours Number of people: 2 - 9
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English Type of experience: Taste Slovenia, Culture Contact:
Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline
Stari trg 3
3320 Velenje
+386 (0)3 896 17 15
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Flight to the tannery of Europe

A 1930s-style noble experience that puts you in the shoes of a legendary entrepreneur on a private visit to what was once Europe's most prestigious leather factory.

Slovenia unique experience

A journey back in time to the Vošnjak leather-making family

Take a nostalgic journey back in time to the days when the leather industry in Šoštanj prospered and learn about the life and work of the Šoštanj leather tanners as the legendary entrepreneur Tomaš Bata.

A noble walk around the leather-making Šoštanj

Feel like the legendary entrepreneur Tomaš Bata on a private visit to what was once the most prestigious leather factory around! Visit the Vošnjak – Woschnagg leather-making family in Šoštanj. Start your visit in a noble way by visiting the town villa, where the lawyer of the Europe Leather Factory used to work. The voice of Malvina Woschnagg – Vošnjak, a woman with an incredible life story, invites you to a festive lunch in the middle of an impressive hall. Push the pedals and take a 1930s-style ride through the City of Light.

In the museum, discover the former leather-making greatness of Šoštanj and interesting facts about the life and work of the leather workers of Šoštanj. Take part in the handmade production of a leather souvenir! Trust the excellence of your vintage car chauffeur and be part of an extraordinary story that unfolds just for you at the nearby manor house. Get to know the Šaleška Valley from the air, relive the story of the nobility and conclude your business visit the way Tomas Bata, the legendary Czech shoe manufacturer and the largest exporter of shoes, did in 1931. Discover the energy that powered the town and find the answer to why Šoštanj is today home to an important thermal power plant.

gosposko po sostanju_delavnica

What to expect from the experience:

  • Reception at Villa Mayer by the guide, the caretaker of the Vošnjak family estates. Introduction to the experience, welcome drink, digital tour of the magnificent dimensions of the former factory. A meal with selected cuisine, accompanied by the host Malvina Woschnagg – Vošnjak.
  • Vintage bicycle ride to the centre of Šoštanj.
  • Discovering the city of leather and light and its sights.
  • A different kind of visit to the Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia and making a leather product.
  • A ride in a vintage car to the nearby manor house. Stop. Drive to Lajše Airport.
  • Panoramic flight and aerial view of the Šaleška Valley.
  • Finish the experience with champagne.
  • Transfer to the starting point – Villa Mayer.

gosposko po sostanju_sredisce mesta

Opening hours:  a few times a year at pre-arranged times and upon prior arrangement

Location: Velenje, Šaleška Valley

Price: from EUR 290 per person (for 7+ persons); for 3-6 persons: 300 EUR/person; for 2 persons: 359 EUR / person

The price includes:

  • Organisation and guiding
  • Guided sightseeing tour: Vila Mayer, Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia
  • Guided walking tour of the town centre
  • Rent and ride a "vintage" bicycle
  • Digital presentation of the Šoštanj Leather Factory
  • Gala lunch in Villa Mayer including coffee and dessert
  • Meeting with a leather craftsman and the opportunity to buy a leather souvenir
  • A ride in a vintage vehicle or a modern car
  • Aerial flight over the Šaleška Valley
  • Glass of champagne
  • Gift

More about the experience

Discover the precious stories of Europe's most prestigious leather tannery

Take a nostalgic noble tour of Šoštanj and discover the traces of the former renowned leather tannery of the Vošnjak family.

Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline
Stari trg 3
3320 Velenje
+386 (0)3 896 17 15


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Did you know?

The experience is based on an actual visit by the Czech entrepreneur Tomaš Bata, who flew to Šoštanj in a private plane in 1931 at the invitation of Herbert Woschnagg, the owner of the Šoštanj leather factory.

Franc Woschnagg and Sons Šoštanj was one of the largest and most modern leather factories in Europe.

Šoštanj is also known as the City of Light. It was one of the first in Slovenia to have electricity, which was generated to meet the needs of both the tannery and the town.

The factory was considered to be the best quality leather factory for the production of blank leather, which was used for both ordinary and fine horse-drawn carriages. The exceptional quality of the workmanship gave the Vošnjaks the status of exclusive suppliers of this type of leather to the royal courts of Europe.

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