In Ljubljana and Central Slovenia you can experience everything – from the vivacious cultural vibe to the peaceful moments in nature.

Most urban

Discover Plečnik's Ljubljana in the cultural centre of Slovenia. Ascend to the castle, take a boat ride on the river, visit museums and galleries, enjoy festivals and numerous events.


Shepherd's love

While strolling around the old centre of Kamnik and along the Velika planina Plateau, taste Trnič cheese, which used to be an expression of a shepherd's love for a girl in the valley, and other typical dishes from Kamnik.


Globally significant

Idrija with the heritage of the mercury mine and the Ljubljana Marshes with remnants of the prehistoric culture of pile dwellers and the discovery of the oldest wheel in the world are part of UNESCO heritage on the doorstep of the capital city of Ljubljana. Learn about the mining tradition in the Anthony's Main Road and the mercury smelting plant, the heritage of pile dwellers and along educational and other trails of the wetland.


Mysterious forests

You can discover the most pristine nature and primeval forests during short or multi-day hikes on well-marked trails in the Kočevje region. Taste the forest honey from the Kočevje region with protected designation of origin.


Inspired by the warmest Slovenian river

The Kolpa River, which is the warmest Slovenian river providing plenty of opportunities for water sports, is one of the European destinations of excellence in Slovenia. The crossroads of three religions and five nationalities captivates with experiences of folk tradition.


Stories from Slovenia

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