Themed Accommodation

Among the themed accommodation in Slovenia, the natural health resorts and thermal spas have the longest tradition. In many hotels, hostels and tourist farms, it is specifically catered for cyclists and hikers.  The houses with the tradition of Slovenia invite you to experience a different, richer holiday experience in a traditional environment. Accommodation can also be found in castles and mansions and typical wine cottages.



The best accommodation is offered by the hotels, which are mainly located in cities and tourist centres, while small hotels can also be found in small towns. There are hotels of all categories, many of them being of the highest category.


nastanitve_vile in domacije z bazenom

Boutique villas with pool

If you want to experience a fairy tale vacation in Slovenia, then boutique villas with their own pools are the right choice for you. You can find most of them in locations that are blessed by a Mediterranean climate. Some will impress you with their romantic soul, while others are designed in a modern way and offer superior comfort for a carefree holiday. To enjoy a simpler rural idyll, you can choose one of the homesteads that also offer refreshment by way of a swimming pool.


Sleeping in Castles

Slovenian castles are part of different historical stories, on their cold corridors you can get a feeling of the mysterious Middle Ages, while a look out the window will conjure up a story from a Renaissance novel for you. Many of the Slovenian castles were transformed into hotels which attract guests from all over the world with their unique offer. Ancient castles can be found in all Slovenian regions. Romantic gardens, excellent cuisine and castle walls, which whisper stories from the history, are the perfect backdrop for an active holiday with a touch of romance and history.



For all those who want to save in Slovenia when travelling, but also value the comfort and orderliness, hostels are the right choice. They are intended for all age groups as well as families. Many hostels in Slovenia offer the same comfort as hotels of the same category. Often, the main difference is that hostels do not have restaurants, and only offer breakfast and small snacks. One of the many hostels in Slovenia is fully adapted and accessible for people with disabilities.

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