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Slovenian castles are a part of various historical stories; their cold corridors allow you to feel the mysterious medieval period, and as you gaze through a window, you will be reminded of a story from a Renaissance novel. Many Slovenian castles have been transformed into hotels, and their unique offer invites guests from all around the world. Old castles can be found in all regions of Slovenia. Romantic gardens, excellent cuisine and castle walls whispering stories from long ago serve as a superb backdrop for an active holiday inspired by romance and history.

Otočec Castle in the Dolenjska Region

Otočec Castle is the only castle on water in Slovenia. Its location and beauty are what make it so special. It is surrounded by a strikingly beautiful green park, where swans spend their days under the indigenous trees. Otočec Castle Hotel is one of the most striking hotels in Slovenia. It belongs to the prestigious Relais & Châteaux hotel and restaurant association, and invites guests to enjoy boutique-style rooms and suites of the highest category. Spend a night within the castle walls and wake with a view of the playful swans on the banks of the green River Krka.

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Lambergh, Château & Hotel at the foot of the Karavanke Mountains

This Renaissance manor is located in Begunje, a village in the Gorenjska Region, near the town of Radovljica. Lambergh, Château & Hotel harmoniously combines historical tales with modern comfort. Among other things, castle-dwellers enjoyed the most beautiful views. In the 16th century, Count Lamberg enjoyed the vista of the gorgeous park, green pastures, with the Julian Alps and Mount Triglav as the backdrop. He placed a plaque on the façade of the castle into which the principle by which he lived was carved: “God, give us a happy ending!” Spend happy days at the castle, enjoying world-class wellness services, excellent cuisine, stunning nature, and stylish castle rooms.

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Photo: Robert Zabukovec

Kendov Dvorec near Idrija

The baroque Kendov Dvorec is a place where time slows down. Feel the pleasure and simplicity of life as you enjoy a glass of excellent house wine and a plate of delicious food, whose delicately modest style carries on the Manor’s long tradition. Walk through the surrounding forests and discover the cultural and technological heritage of Idrija. Visit Anthony’s Main Road, the oldest mine entrance in Slovenia, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Treat yourself to a plate of local žlikrofi (a special kind of dumplings) that look like Napoleon's hat. Find rest for your soul on the banks of the River Idrijca and in the nearby unspoilt nature and rejoice as you marvel at the wonderful green views of the surrounding area.

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Golf Hotel Mokrice Castle near Brežice

The mysterious forests of the Gorjanci Hills and the carefully tended English garden serve as the setting for Mokrice Castle. The castle legends speak of its chequered history and the lavish everyday lifestyle of the nobility. Today, the Castle houses a deluxe hotel, which will impress you with its excellent restaurant and stylish rooms. The dynamic golf course next to the Castle invites you to take a few swings in its green surroundings. Find additional relaxation at a wellness centre and numerous thermal pools at Terme Čatež, which is only a few minutes away.

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Strmol Castle in the Gorenjska Region

Strmol Castle is among the oldest and best-preserved castles in Slovenia, and belongs to the renowned Schlosshotels & Herrenhäuser hotel and castle chain. It is one of two Slovenian castles which still have their original furnishings. At Strmol, business meetings can be held in an inspiring environment, or you can relax while playing some golf. The Castle is also an ideal venue for romantic weddings.

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Gredič Castle in the Brda Hills

If you are a hopeless romantic, you have to spend the night in Gredič, a more than 400-year-old building rising above the idyllic Brda landscape. One of its owners was also baron Anton Codelli, known as a versatile inventor with a pioneering spirit and exceptional boldness, who was the first to have arrived to Ljubljana in a motor car. Today, Gredič has been transformed into a romantic hotel with a supreme restaurant and its own wine bar.

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Grad Castle in the Goričko Hills

Experience the charm of the largest castle complex in Slovenia. The castle at the heart of Goričko Hills, surrounded by mighty trees, has been standing there for 800 years. The lord of the castle used to be able to spend every night of the year in a different room, if he so chose. Today, some of these rooms are open to visitors wishing to feel the romance of bygone days and enjoy modern luxury at the same time. The castle is an excellent starting point to explore the Goričko Nature Park.

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Podsreda Castle

Spend the night as the lord of the castle in the heart of the Kozjansko Park. The Podsreda Castle used to be a safe haven for warriors, but today it offers a romantic atmosphere for castle vacations. Here, you will find intimate moments and comfort inside the walls of the castle and enjoy the luxurious nature of Kozjansko outside the castle walls.

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Rakičan Mansion

You will find this 15th-century mansion not far from Murska Sobota. Here you can sleep inside castle walls with all the modern comforts. The castle will enchant all family members. While children can get creative at various workshops or learn how to ride at the equestrian centre, the adults can have a chat at the castle café. The castle is also an excellent location for weddings and business meetings.

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