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Do you like travelling at your own pace and are you a fan of the comfort and convenience offered by camper vans? Slovenia is a destination that has much more in store than just what you see as you drive down its main thoroughfares. Go off the beaten track and stop at one of the many well-maintained camper van rest stops, and explore sights, stunning nature, and the special cultural and culinary features of this small country that you can drive around in only a matter of days.

A widespread network of stops

More than 150 locations around the country have already been included in the Slovenian camper van rest stop network. The rest stops are divided into three groups. Temporary car parks without fixtures are intended for brief stops. Many of them offer partial services or services upon prior arrangement, but there are also an increasing number of car parks that offer extensive infrastructure to camper van travellers and everything necessary for a comfortable multi-day stop. Camper van rest stops and camps offer access to drinking water, power, and the internet, well-maintained restrooms, and cleaning facilities. To help you plan your Slovenian holiday, please refer to the rest stop map.

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Experience more!

You have safely parked your vehicle, but now what? Take a few days to explore and relax. Many stops or campsites offer a wide range of activities that can enrich your holiday; food and beverages, sports and children’s playgrounds, a pool, or the vicinity of well-maintained natural bathing areas or spas. The caretakers will most certainly give you useful information and interesting suggestions for exploring the activities, cuisine, or culture in the surrounding area. Do you need more tips? Download one of our mobile applications or skim through our impressive online catalogues.

Drive to Slovenia

Slovenia is a safe country with good traffic connections and well-maintained roads. In order to drive a camper van, you must have a driving licence with a suitable category, and all passengers must remain seated and secured with a seat belt while driving. Petrol and service stations on motorways can be found approximately every 30 kilometres and they operate 24 hours per day. There are also many petrol stations in cities and towns. The Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS) provides 24-hour assistance and towing. If your car breaks down, call 1987.

To drive on Slovenian motorways, you must buy a toll sticker, known as a vignette. If your vehicle exceeds three and a half tonnes, register in the system prior to departure and place a DarsGo device in your vehicle. In the system that has been valid since 1 April 2018, the toll is charged automatically on the basis of the distance travelled.


Your caravaning destination - Slovenia

Your caravaning destination - Slovenia

How to travel by caravan around Slovenia? Practical tips are gathered in a single publication that is always handy.

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