Stay in green surroundings

Everyone needs to take a break from the city hustle and bustle every once in a while, or enjoy some relaxation in green surroundings. Holidays in nature are an excellent choice to calm down and spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere. If you visit Slovenia with your tent, caravan, or camper van, you will find many pleasant corners in nature, where you can rest or enjoy some fun activities at campsites and in their surroundings. Those who want more comfort and a touch of romance can choose to stay in interesting glamping accommodation facilities.

Magical glamping corners

Enjoy the best of all worlds in one place – the comfort of hotel rooms, the feeling of freedom embraced by green surroundings, relaxing sounds of nature, and wonderful fresh air-borne scents. Have an unforgettable holiday in glamourous glamping tents and cottages, which can be found all over Slovenia. Experience a fairy-tale atmosphere in a tree, by a stream or a little lake, by a river, a forest, or a meadow.


Holidays in campsites

Find peace and relaxation in nature by staying in one of the many well-maintained campsites in Slovenia. You can find them on the edge of towns and in the countryside, as a part of a thermal water or hotel resort or just on their own. You will not be bored, as many campsites offer various activities, playgrounds, and entertainment for all ages. You can also explore the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle, and learn more about local cuisine. Because there are more than 80 officially registered campsites, we would like to present only those that boast five stars.


A pleasant stop in your camper van

Explore the beauty of Slovenia in your camper van. You can find well-maintained camper van rest stops in all parts of our green country. You can park your camper van and have some rest in more than 130 places, some of which even allow you to fill your camper van with power and water.


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