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Mysterious peaks have always called to people from the lowlands. At first, people were driven to the steep slopes in search of raw materials needed for survival but later they were also driven by the desire to conquer the peaks and discover the beauty of untouched nature. Organised mountaineering in Slovenia first started 125 years ago with the establishment of the Slovene Mountaineering Society, a predecessor of today's Alpine Association of Slovenia. Learn about important milestones of Slovenian mountaineering and mountain climbing at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana.

Today, the Alpine Association of Slovenia is the biggest mass organisation in Slovenia. It combines 290 alpine and other associations, connected with mountaineering and mountain climbing. The alpine associations manage 181 mountain huts, shelters and bivouacs, where you can rest and gather your strength before continuing on your way. We present some of the most interesting huts in Slovenia.


Triglav Lodge at Kredarica

Triglav is the highest peak of the Julian Alps and holds a symbolic significance for the people of Slovenia. Therefore it is widely visited during summer and early autumn. Many hikers meet at Triglav Lodge at Kredarica, Slovenia’s highest hut and the most visited hut in the Triglav mountain range, which has been the symbol of Slovenianness since 1896 as the first Slovenian hut under Triglav. The hut is open throughout the year and also offers the possibility of an overnight stay. Despite its high elevation it also offers some basic valley commodities ranging from a washroom to electricity. The hut is also distinguished by its ecological orientation and coexistence with the mountain ecosystem.

Roblek Hut at Begunjščica

When hiking towards the peak of Begunjščica in the Karawanks you should stop at Roblek Hut. For years the warm homeliness, hospitality of the hut caretakers and delicious Alpine culinary treats have been impressing visitors, who mostly come from the Draga Valley above Begunje or from Ljubelj. From there you can enjoy an exceptional view of the Julian Alps with Triglav at the head and the valley landscape with sparkling Lake Bled. The legendary musician Slavko Avsenik paid homage to the popular hut with music for the song Na Roblek (“Going to Roblek”). In 2017, Roblek Hut at Begunjščica was chosen as the best mountain hut.

The Czech Lodge above Jezersko

One of the oldest and the most popular mountain huts in the Slovenian mountains, the Czech Lodge is located in the embrace of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, more precisely at Spodnje Ravni. Its name reflects the centuries-old friendship between Slovenia and the Czech Republic. Here you can rest and treat yourself to delicious one pot stews, home-cooked meals, strudel and home-made tea as well as stay in one of the rooms or shared dormitories. The hut is the perfect starting point for a shorter hike towards Vratca while more experienced mountaineers can climb the Kočna, Grintavec, Dolgi hrbet or Skuta mountains.

The Orožnova koča hut above Bohinj

Take the path from Bohinj towards the mountain pasture Za Liscem under the Črna prst mountain where you can visit Orožnova koča hut. It stands on the foundations of the first Slovene Mountaineering Society hut. It was built on the initiative of the local people during the first year of operation of the predecessor of today’s Alpine Association of Slovenia. This territory is marked by a mixture of Mediterranean and continental climates and is therefore home to some rare plants. 

The Ruše Lodge on Pohorje

Ruše Lodge is the oldest mountain post as well as the most visited mountain hut on Pohorje. It is distinguished by a wide selection of outdoor activities as well as by culinary treats with a taste of the mountains. You must try pohorski pisker (Pohorje pot) – a traditional stew from the Pohorje region, venison goulash and mushroom dishes while you can satisfy your sweet tooth with the Pohorje omelette or other sweet dishes. During the summer many picnics and different trips are organised at the hut, while in the winter you can build a snow village there.

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Hiking in Slovenia

Hiking in Slovenia

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