Slovenia is intertwined with hiking trails. A wide range of interesting and diverse trails will excite any hiker. On these trails you can get to know both Alpine valleys and the mysterious mountain world. You will also be enchanted by the idyllic Slovenian uplands and plains. The best possible way to experience the diverse landscape of Slovenia, from mountain peaks to the coast, from plains to steep slopes, are the Slovenian long-distance trails. Some stages of these trails are especially exciting because of their beauty. Discover interesting trails with exceptional views and experiences which will stay in your heart for a long time.

Walk the whole of Slovenia in stages

The long-distance trails crossing Slovenian landscapes are considered the most beautiful. Some of them run through other European countries and pass through Slovenia.  Let the beautiful images of the green countryside stay in your mind and meet Slovenian nature, culture and cuisine from the Alps to the sea, from the crystal clear Soča to the dreamy Mura. The longest trail, running across Slovenia in its entirety, presents the country from the picturesque Pohorje Hills through the mighty Alpine peaks to the coast. Which one would you pick?


Via Bela Krajina

The Via Bela Krajina trail will show you the hospitable and colourful world of south-eastern Slovenia. Feel the unique pulse of the land of white birches along the river Kolpa and learn about its interesting legends and customs from Semič to Metlika.

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Zasavje Long-Distance Trail

The Zasavje Long-Distance Trail leads from the Bizeljsko wine district to the top of the peak of Kum. In the hilly part of Posavje you will be treated to a special experience in the characteristic repnice, cellars for wine and crops carved out of flint stone. The trail then enters the hills and valleys of Zasavje, and leads you past the geometric centre of Slovenia above the village of Vače.

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Koroška Mountain Trail

The Koroška Mountain Trail leads you along the slopes of the three valleys of Koroška – the Mežica, Drava and Mislinje valleys and connects the mountain ranges Karawanks, Pohorje, Kozjak and the Savinja Alps. The circular, long-distance trail is 230 kilometres long in total, but you can also decide on shorter, one-day tours.

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Soča Trail

Get in genuine touch with nature on the Soča Trail, which leads you along the crystal clear river Soča from her source through the Alpine valley of Trenta to Bovec. The 25-kilometre long trail, which is a part of the Alpe Adria Trail, will take you along numerous natural and cultural sites – the picturesque canyons of the rivers Soča and Mostnica, log bridges, the Alpine botanical garden Julijana and Trenta Lodge, where you will get a closer look into life in the Triglav National Park.

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Over the Pohorje Hills to Koroška

Take a trip from Maribor over the Pohorje Hills to Koroška. The trail is a part of the Slovenian Mountain Trail. Enjoy yourself among green forests, picturesque peat bogs and river rapids. One of the interesting spots are the Lovrenc Lakes, while you can also refresh yourself in one of the numerous lodges and huts along the way.

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Logar Valley

Explore the beautiful mountainous landscape of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps on the popular trail from the Logar Valley past the Rinka Falls to the mountain lodge at Okrešelj, where you can regain your strength and stay overnight. An exciting experience for experiences mountaineers is traversing the two-thousanders Planjava and Ojstrica, which boisterously show off their rocks and cliffs above the valleys.  

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The Loka Mountain Trail

The Škofja Loka Hills are the backbone of their namesake area. The area captured between the rivers Poljanska Sora and Selška Sora, is famous for its idyllic green landscape, which was celebrated by Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar. The Loka Mountain Trail connects the Škofja Loka Hills with the Polhov Gradec, Idrija and Cerklje hills. Along the path, you will climb some prominent peaks, with Blegoš standing out among them. 

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Slovenia is a hiking paradise

Slovenia is a land with thousands of trails inviting you to experience active adventures. Hiking and mountain climbing hold a special place in the hearts of Slovenians.

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Hiking in Slovenia

Hiking in Slovenia

How to see Slovenia on foot? Refer to this publication to find detailed descriptions of individual trails around Slovenia and the accommodation selection in particular areas.

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