The composition “Na Golici”

“Na Golici” (On Mt. Golica) is a Slovenian instrumental folk polka from 1955. The composer is the legendary Slavko Avsenik. His brother, Vilko Avsenik wrote the arrangement for their ensemble, adding the now famous echo. It is considered to be one of the most recognisable polka compositions and the most played instrumental composition in the world. The composition has been covered no less than 600 times, and in German speaking areas it is known as the “Trompeten-Echo.”

The Kamnik and Savinja Alps

The Kamnik and Savinja Alps are very popular among mountaineers. The highest peaks are higher than 2500 metres, and well-marked mountain trails will lead you to them. The Velika Planina mountain pasture is considered to be one of the most beautiful Slovenian mountain pastures. In the middle of the mountainous landscape, there are two of the most beautiful valleys in Slovenia – the Logar Valley, with the Rinka Waterfall, and the Kamniška Bistrica Valley. A hike to the glacier under Mt. Skuta is a special experience, and you can also visit a popular panoramic viewpoint on the summit of Mt. Storžič.


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