Be cautious in the mountains

The old Slovenian proverb says that it is not the mountain that is mad, but rather whoever decides to climb it. Especially whoever is not appropriately equipped and prepared. Many dangers lurking in the mountains can turn the wonderful experience of getting in touch with nature into a harrowing one and the end can be bitter. That’s why you should respect the mountains and be very careful and, above all, well equipped and in good shape on your mountain trip. To enjoy the panoramic views from Slovenian mountain tops in safety, follow the instructions of the Alpine Association of Slovenia.

Plan your route

Carefully plan your hike. Choose an appropriate trail considering your physical and mental fitness and inform someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Follow the weather forecast and head out in the early morning to avoid possible afternoon storms. If you’re going on a longer hike, you should book your stay in a mountain hut in advance. Put your name in sign-in books at designated mountain spots and include the direction of your arrival and departure.

Choose the right equipment

Wear appropriate footwear – sturdy hiking boots. Alpine weather is unpredictable, so you should carry warm clothes, a hat and gloves, even in the summer. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Take enough non-alchoholic drinks and food that will give you enough energy without weighing you down too much. It is also recommended you carry a helmet, a torch, appropriate thermal protection, personal first aid kit, a hiking map and a compass.

Don’t stray off marked trails

In Slovenia, mountain and hiking trails are marked with the Knafelc blaze (white dot inside a red ring). If you stray off the marked trails, do not continue. Choose the best suited trail for your skills. Keep in mind that it is quite common, even in the summer, to encounter snowfields that require special attention.

You can never be too careful

Even when you are overwhelmed with the beautiful mountain views, pay full attention and don’t forget about the Alpinist code of conduct. Make sure you ascend and descend safely from mountain tops and act responsibly for the safety of others. You can find more safety tips for summer mountaineering in the special brochure of the Alpine Association of Slovenia.

Staying safe in the mountains

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